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Developer:Wild Boar Productions
Release Date:2Q 2006
Screenshots:Destinies Screenshots

So many of us wander the world trying to find our place in it. Seeking a sense of purpose, looking for deeper, greater meaning. Destinies is the tale of one manís quest for truth. Marc Taszicky is a 37 year old physics professor. His quite life is turned upside down with the loss of his friend Peter Vinci. Can one manís doom lead another to find his destiny?

Ravaged and mentally unstable, Peter returns from a visit to uncharted territories of space. Before Marc can even learn the purpose of his trip, Peter passes away offering nothing but obscure clues. What little Marc can decipher from his friendís last words leads him to the planet Anthranella IX. Marc has to find answers and understand what happened to his friend. On a long journey that will take him to many different locations across dimensions, Marc will unlock great secrets and uncover much more than what happened to his troubled friend.

Destinies is being developed as a pure adventure game. The available screenshots promise beautiful environments to explore. The eerie tunes of the sample title track beckon you to unlock the mystery. The gameís Web site promises unique characters and puzzles that will be logically integrated with the plot. But what truly lies at the heart of this game is a rock solid story. This is not some hastily written, incoherent script. The development team seems to fully understand that the story is the most important component of an adventure game. Pretty graphics, professional voice-acting, and engaging puzzles never hurt, but a good story is often all it takes to keep players pushing forward. Destinies could end up being the kind of game you will find yourself thinking about long after you see the ending cinematic and watch the credits roll.

Currently scheduled for a 2006 second quarter release, Destinies seems to have all the makings of an excellent adventure game. Deep within the far reaches of space, Anthranella IX is waiting for eager adventurers. So pack your astronaut food, bring an extra sweater, and get ready for what could be an amazing journey.

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