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Mayabin is a serene and beautiful island lost in the faraway seas. Peoople come here to question. In search of something to give meaning to their lives, the people of Mayabin are forever lost seeking something just out of their reach. But one day, the residents of Mayabin come across a book that changes everything. The book speaks of a place called Neverla. A mysterious land where all the questions are answered. A place where people can end their endless searching and find true meaning. At Neverla, people do not need laws or rulers. In the perfect society, people live in peace and harmony. Can the residents of Mayabin accept Neverla's answers? What is this ultimate answer that lets the people of Neverla create the perfect society? To find out you will have to wait for Mayabin.

Mayabin will be instantly familiar to those who've played Myst and Riven. Mayabin features the slideshow style graphics made classic by the first two games in the Myst series. The demo version of Mayabin allows players to explore beautiful scenery around the island. While Mayabin does not feature the kind of 3D graphics you might expect from an action game, its vibrant scenery and familiar style gives the game a certain degree of depth and a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

Based on the information available on the official site, Mayabin will have a key feature that is very uncommon in adventure games. The puzzles and challenges players will face throughout the game will have more than one solution. Moreover, your decisions in the game will give direction to your adventure. Some decisions will lead to more difficult puzzles than others. Events will be shaped based on the path you choose to take every time you play the game. This different and creative style will give Mayabin tremendous replay value and urge players to consider alternative solutions to the game's challenges.

Mayabin has spent a long time in production. Having been in development since May 2004, Mayabin was expected to be released in the summer of 2005. For now, adventure gamers will have to be satisfied with the demo available on the Mayabin site. With its original ideas, beautiful locations, and interesting plot, Mayabin just might prove to be worth the wait.

Developer: Virtue Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 2005