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A Supernatural Thriller
Release Date:Q4 2007
Article Posted:June 2007
System Requirements

[Editorial Note: Following the announcement of Restless and the launch of the game's official Web site, danyboy conducted an excellent interview with project leader Dan Peach on behalf of the Mystery Manor team. The original article is available here . The following preview is based on the information available in the interview and the Restless Web site. Adventure Lantern thanks Mr. Peach, danyboy, and the rest of the Mystery Manor team for allowing us to use the interview as source material for our preview.]

She wanted the six figure income and the fancy apartment in the best part of town. Kate Jones could not be content with the ordinary. She would not be insignificant. She wanted respect, power, and influence. The ruthless and conniving defense attorney was willing to do whatever it took to get everything she desired.

She nearly had it all made. She was about to make partner at the company. It had not been an easy journey, but Kate was almost where she wanted to be. It didn't matter who she had stepped over along the way. They were insignificant, they were of no consequence. She just had to struggle a little longer. It would not be long now. Yet, so much can change in a single day.

Kate hardly paid any heed to the note given to her by the stranger. Why should she care about a silly warning about a bombing? She was late for a meeting. Maybe she could look into it later. It was probably nothing but a sick joke anyway...

But the warning was all too real. The explosion tore apart a local coffee shop, killing twenty-five people. A simple phone call to the police, and Kate would have been able to prevent the tragedy.

This was not just a dirty trick played to get a promotion. It wasn't a betrayal that gave her an advantage at the law firm. Twenty-five people had lost their lives because Kate had refused to react. The feeling of guilt was unfamiliar. But it would not let go of Kate, gnawing at her conscience, affecting every aspect of her life.

It took three months to lose everything she had worked so hard to attain. She was no longer a successful attorney. She did not have the luxurious apartment. Broke and without a job, Kate was longing to forget. That was before the nightmares began.

Kate could no longer find peace in sleep. She was haunted by images of a stranger. The woman in her dreams was suffering. And there was nothing Kate could do to prevent it. Who could she be? Why was she in so much pain?

It was a mysterious news clipping that finally gave Kate some answers. She had passed out on her bed after a night of heavy drinking. The envelope must have been left next to her while she was asleep. Kate was astonished to see the woman from her nightmares in the clipping. Her name was Sam Michaels. She had gone missing four days ago.

Questions were pouring into Kate's mind. Who was Sam Michaels? Why was she missing? Why had Kate been seeing visions of this woman? Was she truly in pain? Was she being tortured? Kate notices a small note attached to the clipping. It read: "If you want to help yourself, help her!"

Kate did not know how she could help the stranger that haunted her dreams. But she knew she had to try. Perhaps in helping Sam she could find redemption or at least put an end to her nightmares, before she was consumed by them...

Get ready for an intense adventure game full of suspense and dark twists. Viperante is getting ready to release its first game with Restless: A Supernatural Thriller. Designed as a traditional third-person adventure, Restless promises an engaging storyline with a strong atmosphere, memorable characters, and interesting locations.

Restless tells the story of former defense attorney Kate Jones. Given the opportunity to prevent a terrible bombing, Kate refuses to take action. When the explosion actually occurs, Kate is wracked with guilt and driven to alcoholism. After months of self pity however, she may finally have a chance to start her life again. That is if she can find and help the mysterious woman that is haunting the attorney in her dreams.

As Dan Peach puts in his interview with danyboy, Restless "is a story about who we are exactly as people [and] what turns us into who we are." Players can probably expect self discovery and inner understanding to be a strong part of Kate's journey. While trying to survive in a dangerous world, deal with paranormal forces, and find out what happened to Sam Michaels, Kate will undoubtedly change and learn some things about herself. The game might ask us to question the truth of what we observe while remembering that "there are many shades of grey, and everything has a context."

The intriguing concept and the underlying dark tone of the game should be enough to spark an interest in many adventure gamers. But among the most distinguishing features of the game is the unusual protagonist. Kate is not your typical do-gooder or self-righteous antihero out for vengeance. Before the bombing, she was cunning and ruthless. Now she is depressed, perhaps even hating herself for the deaths caused by the explosion. Can Kate truly let go of her vanity? Is she still willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants? How will her feelings of guilt affect her interaction with the other characters? It should be interesting to see how the former attorney's character traits reflect into the game.

Designed as a pure adventure game, Restless will not feature any action sequences. The game will predominantly feature inventory-based challenges. Players can also expect a few other types of puzzles to be incorporated into the gameplay. However, lack of action elements and the emphasis on inventory puzzles does not mean Kate will not have to rely on brute force to overcome some of her challenges.

For instance, as revealed in one of the screenshots from the game's Web site and danyboy's interview, Kate will eventually obtain a gun. Just like any other inventory item, it will be up to the players to decide when it will be appropriate to actually use the gun. Yet the presence of the firearm alone should give us an idea about the nature of the game's setting. This is not a warm and fuzzy place where all the problems are going to be solved easily. Kate might have to make some difficult decisions and put her life at risk before she can successfully complete her journey.

The preliminary information about Restless most certainly sounds interesting. The game seems to have the elements of a strong story, an unusual protagonist, and a setting that should appeal to gamers who enjoy a dark atmosphere with a touch of the paranormal. It may be too early to pass judgment on the game, but Restless sure looks like it could be worth the wait. The game is currently scheduled to hit the stores in the fourth quarter of 2007.