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Release Date:Fall 2006
Article Posted:May 2006

Released in 1997, the original Safecracker offered quite a distinct adventure gaming experience. Players assumed the role of a security expert that was given a unique job opportunity. Crabb & Sons Safe and Security Systems asked you to break into their headquarters. Your task was to piece together the clues hidden in more than thirty safes in order to unlock the final master safe. If you completed the task successfully, you would be given a job as the head of security development at Crabb & Sons.

While the original game may not have appealed to adventurers interested in a deep plot, engaging storyline, and heavy character interaction, Safecracker was a real treat to players who enjoyed an adventure game heavily focused on puzzles. The game successfully managed to make the act of breaking into a considerable number of safes entertaining. Now, nine years after the release of DreamCatcher’s Safecracker, Kheops Studio and The Adventure Company are getting ready to release a new game with the same title and a similar concept. The new Safecracker will not be a direct sequel to the original game. However, the game’s producer Yann Tisseyre expresses that the new project is indeed inspired by the 1997 release.

The Safecracker that is currently in development offers a different premise than the original game. This time around, you play as a security expert hired by a wealthy family to conduct an investigation at an impressive mansion. The eccentric billionaire Duncan Walter Adams has recently passed away, and his relatives are unable to locate his last will. Since it would have been all too easy to leave his will and the deed to his property at an easily accessible location, the billionaire has hidden the documents through an intricate network of safes. The mansion is home to an impressive thirty-five safes. Your job is to figure out a way to crack every single one of them and find the deed to Duncan’s property. But these safes will likely need more than your average three-digit combination or brass key to crack. You will have to overcome plenty of challenges before you can open up the elusive master safe.

Kheops Studio’s Safecracker spans across the entire luxurious mansion. The game is played from a first-person perspective. Safecracker will utilize the familiar node-based navigation system with 360 degree panoramas. Players will have an opportunity to explore forty different rooms throughout the adventure as they try to crack the thirty-five safes. Yann Tisseyre informs us that the stylish mansion will span across two floors, also featuring a cellar and an attic. Unlocking the safes will put your observation skills and deductive reasoning ability to test. Clues will be available around the mansion and hidden inside the various safes. Breaking into the earlier safes will give you the hints you need to unlock the final master safe.

If the game play is anything like the original Safecracker, players can expect a wide array of logic puzzles spread throughout the game. Mastering the mansion and finding a way to break into all of the safes should be a worthy challenge that will keep you occupied for many hours. Since players will have to use clues from the earlier puzzles to overcome the game’s later challenges, the entire mansion will most likely feel like one intricate puzzle. The game’s producer promises a “pure puzzle-solving” atmosphere with “no stress [and] no infiltration.”

For adventurers who enjoy a game that is heavy in puzzles, Safecracker could be a truly entertaining offering. The initial screenshots released for the game promise a great deal of visual appeal. Players should be able to expect a richly detailed environment they can explore at a casual pace. Going through the large mansion and unlocking all the safes could make for a pleasant experience. Safecracker is currently scheduled for a Fall 2006 release. If you are looking for some serious puzzle solving, Safecracker could easily prove to be worth the wait.