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Agon 4: The Lost Sword of Toledo

The Agon series chronicles the adventures of Professor Samuel Hunt. The professor's long journey begins with the discovery of an anonymous letter. Samuel has to travel across the world to find lost and forgotten board games. The professor has to overcome many challenges before he can recover and understand the rules of all the games. His quest for the ultimate discovery will not be easy, but it sure promises a lot of great adventure gaming.

Agon distinguishes itself from many other games with its unique structure. Professor Samuel Hunt's adventure is divided into 14 different episodes. The developers aim to release the episodes at regular intervals, gradually unraveling the story. Three of the fourteen episodes are already available. The fourth installment, The Lost Sword of Toledo is currently in development.

This time around, the good professor will be visiting a beautiful Spanish city. Caught in the midst of a conflict between families, Samuel will have to discover the truth behind a mysterious treasure theft. He will have to find a way to uncover long lost secrets to complete the next step of his grand adventure.

Based on the information available at the Agon Web site, the next chapter in Samuel's saga can easily be another success. The screenshots depict a pleasant setting for the Lost Sword of Toledo. The Web site promises more refined characters in the fourth episode. Up to now, the Agon series have garnered a lot of positive response from adventure gamers. The fourth episode will hopefully mark another excellent addition to the game as the professor continues his arduous journey.

Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Private Moon Studios
Publisher: Private Moon Studios
Release Date: 2006