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Anacapri: The Dream

In 2003 Silvio and Gey Savarese released a little adventure gaming gem called A Quiet Weekend in Capri. Designed entirely by two people, the game offered adventurers a chance visit the island of Capri through beautiful photographs. With gameplay mechanics comparable to Myst, A Quiet Weekend in Capri won the hearts of many adventure gamers with its remarkable attention to detail, challenging puzzles, and enthralling setting.

Once again thanks to Silvio and Gey Savarese's efforts, Capri is coming back with a sequel. This time around, our adventure is set in the northern regions of Capri, known as Anacapri. In Anacapri: The Dream you will be charged with finding a mysterious artifact. Locating the Dark Obsidian Disk is of great importance. Amidst the beautiful landscapes of Anacapri a dark, sinister power is brewing and the disk is the key to the mystery. You cannot afford to waste any time. The disk has to be found, for we are all in great danger...

Anacapri: The Dream will feature similar gameplay mechanics to its predecessor. Adventure gamers can also expect to find the same kind of vivid imagery in the sequel. So pack your bags for another trip to the island. A new mystery and multitude of new puzzles await.

Developer: Silvio and Gey Savarese
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: Q4 2005