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Most of us only suffer from a hangover after a huge party. Waking up the next morning with a throbbing headache and an upset stomach is not exactly a pleasant experience, but it sure beats getting smitten with a death curse from an all-powerful mummy. Unfortunately, young Assil has to learn not to have fun at other people's expense the hard way.

Our adventure in Ankh starts when Assil decides it would be a great idea to use a newly built pyramid as the location for a party. He steals the key, sneaks into the pyramid, and has just a tad too much fun. The "innocent" mummy of the pyramid, highly disturbed by the endless racket and the destruction of seven of his ancestors' urns, curses Assil.

With the help of the mysterious Ankh, Assil must now find a way to save himself before meeting a most untimely demise. However, the curse is only one of the things Assil will have to worry about. There are strange tidings in the Underworld and more than one man's life might be in danger. While trying to save his own neck, Assil migth also save the lands from impending doom and general destruction. Then again, video game character are used to doing that before breakfast everyday.

Ankh is the latest adventure game to take us on a trip to ancient Egypt. This intriguing mystical land has been the setting for a number of successful adventure games including the Egypt and Riddle of the Sphinx series. However, Ankh might just give the familiar pyramids and sphinxes a distinctive new flavor. With its beautiful 3D graphics, comic tone, timeless setting, and colorful characters Ankh has the makings of a great adventure game. Fans of traditional point-and-click adventure games might certainly find a great deal to like in Ankh. And each of us might learn a thing or two about the proper way to treat a mummy in his own pyramid.

To find out more information about Ankh you can visit the game's official site at www.ankh-game.com.

Developer: Deck 13
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 2005