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Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit's Eye
Last Half of Darkness:
Beyond the Spirit's Eye

Developer:WRF Studios
Release Date:N/A
Article Posted:March 2006

From WRF Studios, creator of Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants comes word of a new chapter of horror aptly named Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit’s Eye. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to play Shadows of the Servants yet, this point and click horror adventure received high marks for its immersive and dark storyline that had the ability to scare you right out of your chair.

Here is the story teaser as written by William R. Fisher himself on the LHOD website:

A new story is born from the shadows of darkness, revealing a twisted tale of terror where the souls of an entire town are governed by an ancient black jewel known only as the "Eye."

You find your curiosity unleashing an overpowering interest in the rare gem and eventually taking you to a deserted village shrouded in mystery and horror. Locked away by secrets and time, you will soon uncover an evil that protects the jewel with its dark past and strange riddles of black magic. The village holds not only a home to the rare relic, but also a family of nocturnal hierarchy, breeding with each bite and inflicting their curse upon the remaining mortal townsfolk.

As dusk approaches, the vampiric society begin to rise from the crypt and a new dawn must wait patiently for the last half of darkness to pass beyond the spirit's eye.

In a previous email to Bill about his first game “Shadows of the Servants, we had asked if there was anything in the works we can look forward to. At the time, concrete information was not available about Beyond the Spirit’s Eye. But Bill had disclosed the following information:

Bill Fisher: I am playing around with a few ideas and technology on another game... but nothing worth mentioning yet since I want my next game to be scarier than "LHoD: Shadows of the Servants".

Flash forward to the present… Black magic and vampires? Beyond the Spirit’s Eye has been announced and the game looks very promising. Reading the storyline and viewing the screenshots is enough to determine that we’re in for another horrific ride.

Gameplay is noted on the website to be similar to Shadows of the Servants. It’s probably safe to assume that we can expect the same type of innovative puzzles as featured in Shadows of the Servants. No release date has been posted as of yet, but stay tuned for more information or visit the official site at www.lasthalfofdarkness.com/beyond. In the meantime, check out the new screenshots.