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Carte Blanche

Absurdus takes us on a trip back to the classical Film Noir with Carte Blanche. This is a black and white land of mystery and intrigue, where danger and unabashed craziness lurks around every corner. Our setting is Montreal in 1924. Here shady characters and non-stop criminal activity can make a hero out of a young, inexperienced private investigator… That is, if he does not meet his most untimely and unfortunate doom first!

Edgar Delacroix is our hero in Carte Blanche. Just out of college and looking to find his place in the world, he stumbles into detective work. It will be up to the players to guide young Edward in a world where absurdity, as proclaimed by the development team, is taken to new heights. Borrowing a chapter from the RPG book, Carte Blanche will allow players to develop their characters. Based on player decisions, Edward will learn different skills and end up with different tools to aid him in his quest. The character development feature alone sets Carte Blanche apart from most adventure games and promises many different ways to go through the game.

With its distinctive humorous tone, stylish black and white look, and decidedly odd cast of characters, Carte Blanche is shaping up to be a unique game. After all, how many other games can you name that feature, as described by Carte Blanche’s official Web site, a secretary that “loves her reptile like her own child” or gangster brothers that “part only in absolute necessity to urinate or copulate”? Carte Blanche could bring the adventure genre some unique ideas and throw in a strange, twisted universe to boot. This is a game you might want to keep on your radar.

Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Absurdus
Publisher: ?
Release Date: 2006