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Crime Stories

Publisher:The Adventure Company
Release Date:March 2006

Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Gray was originally released in Europe in 2005. Several months later, the talented detective is finally taking a much anticipated trip across the Atlantic. The Adventure Company recently announced the North American release of the game under a new title. Crime Stories: From the Files of Martin Mystère is scheduled to begin distribution in North America on March 14th 2006.

Martin Mystère, the detective that inspired Crime Stories, was originally a comic book character. Unlike the traditional comic book heroes in the U.S.A., Martin does not have any super powers. Rather than battling galactic invasion armies, incredibly powerful mutants, or an ensemble of demigods, Martin works as an investigator of the paranormal. He may not be equipped with super strength or the ability to fly, but Martin’s investigations frequently put him in danger as he encounters many strange phenomena. Especially in North America, the comic book may not exactly match Spider-Man or Batman in popularity. However, along with other titles like Nathan Never, Tex, Zagor, and Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère is quite famous in Europe.

In Crime Stories, Martin is depicted as a remarkably intelligent F.B.I. agent. When the famous scientist Professor Eulemberg is murdered, Martin is called to investigate the crime. But this will quickly prove to be most unusual case full of unexpected twists and turns. Martin will need all of his cunning and detective skills to discover the secrets behind the crime. His adventure will take him to a number of locations around the world.

The Adventure Company announces that Crime Stories features "beautifully detailed 3D graphics with rich, colorful environments to explore," not to mention the classic "3rd-person gameplay with numerous inventory items to discover and interact with" (The Adventure Company Crime Stories Press Release). Adventure gamers can also expect a good deal of character interaction. But the highlight of the game will most likely be its gripping story rich with exciting plot twists.

The European release of Crime Stories has already garnered some positive reviews and fairly high rankings. However, some stability issues have been noted. The reviews also pointed out a few problems with the dialogue in the game. The Adventure Company has informed us that they are updating the voice work. The changes may completely resolve the dialogue issues and easily take Crime Stories to the next level. Additional small updates have also been noted, which may have resolved some of the stability issues.

Even if Crime Stories is identical to Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Gray in every regard except for its title, this is still an adventure game you will not want to miss. With its emphasis on plot development, interesting characters, beautiful visuals, and entertaining setting, Crime Stories should prove to be an easy 3rd-person adventure game to recommend. It is great to see the game get a North American release.