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Culpa Innata

Developer:Momentum AS
Official Site:Culpa Innata

Currently under development by Momentum, Culpa Innata invites us to the year 2047. The game may be set only four decades into the future, but the world is much different than ours. Most of the world’s governments have set aside their differences and united as a single nation. But the World Union is far from being the perfect society anyone can join. Only the so-called upper class people can become part of the World Union. There is only room for the rich, the powerful, and the influential. In this wealthy society medical ailments and war seem to be distant dreams. But the perfect façade is an illusion. Even for the lucky members of the World Union, things are not as great as they seem. It will be up to you to unlock the secrets and uncover the conspiracy.

In Culpa Innata, you will be controlling Phoenix Wallis. Around the globe, there are only a few independent governments that are not part of the World Union. The story begins with the murder of a World Union citizen in Russia, one of the remaining Rogue States. The Peace Officer Phoenix Wallis is assigned to investigate the murder. But as the investigation proceeds, Phoenix discovers much more than the killer. As the young agent unlocks incredible secrets behind the World Union, she will start questioning her beliefs and challenge the very core of her being.

Culpa Innata will be the first game developed by Momentum. Experienced in three dimensional facial modeling and animation, Momentum promises a game with realistic character models and natural-looking dialog scenes. The game is expected to feature over fifty interactive characters, forty distinct locations to explore, and many different types of puzzles. With a story that might particularly appeal to science fiction fans, Culpa Innata could be an exciting adventure offering.