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Damned Girls

When your wife first joined the Sisterhood of the Damned Girls you did not think much of it. The sisterhood just sounded like something of a joke. You did not even bother to learn too much about the organization or their activities. This was nothing more than a simple hobby. However, Mary just does not seem to be herself recently. Her behavior is odd, you can hardly recognize her. You know this has to be related to the sisterhood. Something dark and twisted is brewing and you are the only one who can stand in its way. It is time to uncover the mystery of Damned Girls and save the woman you love before she is completely lost.

Damned Girls is a new 3D, first-person adventure from Fantasy Software. It is worth noting that all key elements of the game are being handled by a single developer, Marco Pesce. Using the 3D engine he has developed on his own, Mr. Pesce is putting together a pure adventure game with a strong emphasis on story elements. This will be a game to play with the lights turned off and the volume up when you are alone at night. Before you can unlock the secrets of the Sisterhood of Damned Girls you will have to explore many creepy locations where something sinister will seem to lie around every corner.

Damned Girls promises a very simple interface and lots of inventory-based puzzles. Mr. Pesce expresses that he is trying to steer away from illogical puzzles. He is trying to create a game with intuitive, but still interesting challenges. Some of the puzzles will also have more than one solution., a feature that is always welcome in adventure games. Another important aspect of the game will be character interaction. The game will feature a simple dialogue system, allowing players to choose their responses rather than just listening to what the characters have to say.
A playable demo of Damned Girls is currently available on the gameís official Web site. The current demo only features a small set of rooms, but it does give a good sense of what the gameplay will be like when Damned Girls is completed. Mr. Pesce reminds us that the locations in the demo do not reflect what will be in the final game. The current version of the demo is simply intended for us to take the 3D engine for a spin and check out the gameís interface. There are plans for another demo featuring actual content from the game.

If nothing else, Damned Girls is most definitely a commendable project. The game represents a single developerís effort to create a complete 3D, first-person adventure. With its pleasant graphics, simple interface, and intriguing mystery, the project seems to be headed in the right direction. Mr. Pesce expresses that he is open to suggestions to improve all aspects of the game as he wants players to enjoy the story without any frustrations.

To play the demo and find out more about the game, you can visit the official Web site at http://www.damnedgirls.com/.

Developer: Fantasy Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: TBA


*This article originally appeared on Just Adventure.