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Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso

Genre:Arcade Adventure
Release Date:2006
Article Posted:May 2006

Getting out of his bed in the morning, Ed certainly did not expect to deal with an alien invasion. Perhaps he hoped to spend the morning out in the fields with his friends. Perhaps the gray cat merely wanted to enjoy the sunshine and the brilliant blue skies. Unfortunately, the evil Goragons have different plans.

Ed and his friends watched in terror as the alien ship flew over their heads. Wicked creatures from another dimension were descending upon Earth. The Goragons were no ordinary invaders from outer space. They didnít just unleash powerful weapons and attempt to devastate civilizations the old-fashioned way. This evil race was known for threatening the very fabric of reality.

The terrible creatures had long been under captivity. Yet somehow the Goragons managed to break out of their prison. Now they are invading Edís home. Showing no mercy, the aliens are once again bending reality to their will. The entire planet is in grave danger. And as if their highly unsolicited invasion is not enough, the aliens target Mr. Smoozles with a mind ray. The misfortunate cat goes crazy and starts hunting down his own friends!

Ed runs as fast as he can to get away from Mr. Smoozles. But the aliens are far from being done with their assault. As if turning Mr. Smoozles berserk wasnít enough, the Goragons capture all of Edís friends. The brave little cat is left all alone to save the day. Ed will have to stop the invaders, undo the damage done to the fabric of reality, and find a way to rescue his friends. Just for good measure, Ed will also have to worry about restoring Mr. Smoozlesís mind.

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso is an endearing arcade adventure game that is currently being developed by Juniper Games. Players take control of the cat Ed and try to save existence from the Goragon invasion. The game offers classic arcade action intertwined with solid adventure elements.

The game has an extremely simple control structure. The arrow keys are used to move Ed around the game world. The control key is used to examine objects. The enter key is used to perform actions such as opening doors or talking to other characters.

In many areas of the game, players have to avoid Mr. Smoozles and his nasty gun. With his warped mind, Smoozles is intent on killing Ed at all costs. If Mr. Smoozles catches sight of Ed, he will mercilessly fire his laser gun. Each hit from the laser gun will deplete some of Edís life energy. In order to keep the heroic cat alive, players will have to avoid Mr. Smoozles at all costs.

However, running away from Mr. Smoozles is most certainly not the only thing players will have to do during the game. The preview build of Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso already includes solid dose of exploration. Players will have to pay attention to their surroundings, looking for inventory items and interactive objects. The story will progress as players overcome various obstacles. In his quest to rescue his friends and put an end to the Goragon invasion, Ed will have a chance to interact with other characters. The conversations will provide vital clues and help you proceed through the game.

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso certainly offers an interesting gaming experience. The cartoon-like graphics give the game a charming look and feel. While creating moments of intense arcade action, the game also attempts to satisfy players looking for puzzles and exploration. The odd cast of characters gives the game a light-hearted and casual feel. Especially for those looking to try something a little different, the full version of the game could easily prove worth the wait.