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Star Heritage 1:
The Black Cobra

Developer:Step Creative
Genre:Adventure RPG
Release Date:2006
Article Posted:March 2006

The attack was sudden and unexpected. The Artangs came from the depths of outer space and invaded our planet. Their technology was superior, the Earth’s defenses could not match the destructive force of the Artang weaponry. The aliens wreaked havoc on the surface of Earth. Mankind lost the battle and accepted the Artang occupation.

Yet the human race would not be so easily subdued. The resistance is quietly growing as the humans secretly smuggle weapons and wait for the right time to strike. Each day agents risk their lives in secret missions to prepare for a second war. But humanity’s greatest hope is still waiting to be discovered.

Star Heritage 1: The Black Cobra will put you in the role of a secret agent working for the resistance. You are trapped in an uncharted planet. Your ship is destroyed; your secret cargo is gone. You have no way of communicating with the other members of the resistance. In this unknown and hostile place, you are alone. Your mission is to find a way to leave the planet and rejoin the resistance. Yet incredible secrets are waiting to be unlocked in this distant land. The great treasures could help turn the tide against the Artangs and help you fulfill your true destiny.

Step Creative’s new Star Heritage game is actually the rebirth of a text adventure originally released in 1995. The original game was developed for the ZX Spectrum platform. Taking advantage of new technologies, the remake brings us an entirely different gaming experience and very promising visuals.

Step Creative describes Star Heritage as an adventure game with role-playing elements. Players can expect combat and character development as well as a good deal of exploration. Your character will gain experience and become more adept at fighting as you proceed through the game. However, do not expect Star Heritage to be your standard run-of-the-mill role playing experience. The game has a number of features that sets it apart from many other adventure and role-playing games.


Star Heritage will feature dynamic day and night cycles. The beautiful renditions of the same scene in the images above illustrates the use of the day and night cycle. However, in Star Heritage 1: The Black Cobra, the time of day is much more than a visual effect. Visiting a particular location during nighttime or daytime has an influence on the story.

The game also promises a non-linear flow. Players will be able to complete Star Heritage in different ways, which should give the game some replay value. In addition, your character in Star Heritage will have a need to eat and sleep. Players will have to keep an eye out on more than the health level of their characters.

The game promises a considerable number of environments to explore, pleasant graphics, an interesting combat system, and above all an intriguing story. Star Heritage 1: The Black Cobra could deliver a great gaming experience merging elements from adventure and RPG genres. The Russian version of the game is already available. Hopefully this promising title will get international releases in other languages.