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Tale of Hero

Article Posted:May 2006

Young Olaf grew up with stories of heroism and bravery. His father had been the greatest hero of Green Kingdom. The valiant warrior had spent many years fighting terrifying monsters. Risking his own life to protect the people, Olaf’s father had been revered by the citizens as a truly noble, awe-inspiring hero.

Yet the brave man had fallen out of favor upon refusing to lead his nation into a meaningless war. Shunned by the monarch, Olaf’s father took his family to a small village. The untimely death of his beloved wife forced the great hero to raise Olaf alone. He wanted to make sure Olaf would learn to fend for himself and understand the value of helping others in need. Unfortunately, the brave father passed away when Olaf turned twenty years old, leaving the young man completely alone.

Rather than seeking grand adventures like his father, Olaf spent the next five years living as a fisherman. The quiet and peaceful life greatly appealed to Olaf, even though he had a few small quests of his own. The fisherman eventually fell in love and got engaged. Olaf seemed to be set for a happy life. But when he was least expecting it, adventure came and found the young fisherman.

One day a witch came to Olaf with a grave message. A snow giant had awakened from his long slumber spanning thirty years. Called Krugell, the snow giant had discovered that Olaf’s father was responsible for slaying one of his brethren upon the king’s orders. Krugell sought vengeance. The snow giant had already captured princess Erea. But this was just the beginning. Krugell was planning to track down all the members of the hero’s family and kill them. With Olaf’s father dead, the Green Kingdom did not have a hero that could defeat the giant and save the princess. Olaf had a difficult decision to make.

Was he going to run away from Krugell and spend the rest of his days in hiding? Would it be better to try to avoid the giant and let someone else deal with rescuing the princess? But Olaf knew that was not what his father would have done. The princess had been the only one who spoke in his father’s defense when he refused to go to war. Could Olaf really leave her in the clutches of the terrible creature? Could he really constantly cower in fear of being discovered by Krugell? Perhaps it was time to rise up to the challenge. Olaf had been taught to protect people. He had been taught to bravely face evil creatures. The young man knew that sometimes in life people have to stand up and fight for what is right. Deep in his soul, deep in his blood, a true hero was waiting to be released. Olaf simply had to reach in and open the doors.

Tale of Hero is a fairy-tale fantasy adventure game that is currently being developed by Future Games. The game will utilize the AGDS (Advanced Graphic Development System) engine that was originally developed for the horror adventure Black Mirror. Future games also used the engine for their more recent NIBIRU project. Tale of Hero features a traditional point and click interface and it will be played from a 3rd person perspective. As illustrated by the available screenshots, the stylish high-resolution graphics should make Tale of Hero quite a visual delight. The lushly colored environments seem to be very fitting for the fantasy setting and create a light-hearted tone for the game.

The game will span across four chapters and boasts seventy different locations. Gamers should expect a number of different environments during what might be quite a lengthy adventure. Character interaction should also play a significant role in Tale of Hero. The game features twenty five non-player characters and the dialogues span fifty pages. Players should have an opportunity to interact with a number of interesting and colorful fantasy characters through the course of the adventure.

While the setting and the tone of the game might be noticeably different from the previous Future Games offerings, Tale of Hero can end up being yet another successful title from the development company. The seemingly whimsical fantasy theme, the large number of locations to explore, and the promising concept might make for an interesting adventure game. Olaf’s journey to rescue the princess and his transition from being a humble fisherman into a true hero might make Tale of Hero a quite memorable adventure game.