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The Island:
The Earthling

Developer:Step Creative
Release Date:3rd Quarter 2006

Inhabited Island is a science fiction novel from the Strugatsky brothers. Known as Prisoner of Power in its British translation, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky’s novel is set in the 22nd century. Mankind has expanded well outside the boundaries of earth and made contact with other intelligent species.

The ability to quickly travel across galaxies has sparked a new age of exploration and discovery. The novel focuses on the story of the explorer, Maksim Kammerer. Upon crash-landing on the planet Saraksh, Maksim discovers an existing civilization. While adapting to his new life, Maksim uncovers terrible truths and eventually starts fighting against the terrible regime. (The information on Inhabited Island is from Wikipedia)

Step Creative Group has recently undertaken the task of creating an adventure game based on Inhabited Island. The Island: The Earthling has the same premise as the novel. The game begins as Maksim lands at Sarraksh and loses his ship. Trapped on this unknown planet, Maksim finds what is left of a civilization almost completely destroyed by a nuclear war. It will be up to Maksim to uncover the truth carefully hidden by the government. Can the stranger bring about change and bring new hope to the inhabitants?

While The Island: The Earthling is directly based on Inhabited Island, the game will feature an original story. Adventure gamers who have read the novel can expect to explore different locations, encounter different challenges and probably discover an alternate ending. The Island: The Earthling will play from a first-person perspective and feature 100 locations distributed across 10 episodes. We do not yet have greatly detailed game play information. However, if the pleasant graphics depicted by the screenshots and the intriguing premise based on the popular novel are any indication, The Island: The Earthling could be a great addition to anyone’s first-person adventure collection.