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A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Release Date:2006
Article Posted:May 2006

It all started on that fateful day when King Culann was traveling across his lands in the kingdom of Theylinn. A group of raiders from Qualinem ambushed the king and his escorts, demanding all the valuable items in their possession. What kind of a king would Culann have been to yield to the demands of petty thieves? Refusing to part with his riches, the king ordered his soldiers to attack. Outnumbered, the kingís knights still bravely charged on to battle. Alas, victory would not be theirs. The raiders overwhelmed the knights. King Cullann was killed during the fight.

After the kingís death, Prince Vortigern took over the throne. Vortigern would not forgive the raiders for what they did to his father. They had to be hunted down; they had to pay for their crimes. Gathering a massive army, the new king went after the raiders. Yet Vortigernís fury devastated much more than the gang of thieves. The entire kingdom of Qualinem was conquered.

His unquenchable fury and lust for power drove Vortigern to further conquests. Many cities fell before the king. Vortigern sought to become the ruler of all the lands. But the king finally met his match in Maeldun Whiteblade. Uniting the people under his banner, Maeldun put up an incredible fight against Vortigernís army and defended the city of Gronthal. Soon Maeldun joined Lady Branwyn and formed a formidable resistance against Vortigernís tyranny. Branwyn and Maeldun liberated many towns as they drew ever closer to Vortigernís home.

Now the kingdom of Theylinn is in grave danger. Vortigernís actions may lead to the devastation of an entire proud nation. The invading army is approaching Vortigernís castle with great force. The kingdom is also threatened from within. Conspiracies are brewing within the castle walls. The kingdom is in a state of unrest and turmoil. In the midst of this chaos, mysteries are waiting to be uncovered and a great adventure is about to begin.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an adventure game currently being developed by Crescent Moon Studios. Using the AGS engine, the game is played from a third-person perspective and features traditional point-and-click elements. Players will assume the role of Maeldun and try to overcome a series of challenges in a fantasy setting.

The game relies on the mouse for controls. The left mouse button is reserved for performing actions such as moving Maeldun or interacting with objects. Using the right mouse button, players can cycle through the available actions. Alternatively, players can view the command list by moving the mouse to the top portion of the screen. Each action is denoted by a different icon. The available commands allow Maeldun to talk to other characters, examine objects, or perform actions such as opening a door or pressing a button. Players can also use the right mouse button to cycle to the active inventory item. It is possible to directly access the inventory to choose an item, but players are also allowed to cycle through available items by using the mouse wheel. In addition to the mouse navigation, the player can use the keyboard to move the character.

A short demo is available for A Tale of Two Kingdoms on the gameís official Web site (www.TaleOfTwoKingdoms.com). The demo features a couple of inventory-based challenges as you try to gain access to a building. Once you get inside, you will be asked to solve another puzzle by piecing together the clues written on a series of doors. While the puzzles featured in the demo will not be part of the final version of the game, they should still give you an idea of what the kind of challenges you can expect to find in A Tale of Two Kingdoms. The demo also offers a great opportunity to try out the gameís interface.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms does not currently have a definite release date. However the game is expected to be completed before the end of 2006. Judging by the demo, available screenshots, and the gameís trailer, A Tale of Two Kingdoms could be quite an entertaining adventure offering. The game promises an engaging storyline and an intriguing setting. Traveling through the mystic land of Theylinn, players should expect to overcome a good number of challenges. Solar Crescent Studios could easily deliver a solid adventure offering with A Tale of Two Kingdoms.