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Nancy Drew #4: Treasure in the Royal Tower
Nancy Drew:
Treasure in the Royal Tower
Developer:Her Interactive
Publisher:Her Interactive
Release Date:2001
Article Posted:April 2006
System Requirements

Nancy Drew is looking forward to a well earned skiing holiday at the Wisconsin Wickford Castle resort. The resort is owned by Christi Lane, a good friend of Nancy's father. It is the perfect choice for a relaxing break. What could possibly go wrong?

When you get to Wickford Castle, you find yourself quickly snowed in at the ski resort with time on your hands and a nose for a story. You are soon called upon to expose the legendary secret of the Castle resort. Just like Jessica Fletcher, wherever Nancy goes, mystery isn’t far behind.

As you wander around the place you will stumble upon detours, dead-ended corridors, concealed rooms, and an odd bunch of characters, all of which add to the mystery and danger that hint at the castle’s secret history. Whilst poking around and asking questions, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that someone else is hot on the trail too and is desperate to beat you to the secrets of the castle.

We talk to Dexter Egan, who seems to manage the hotel reception and fix up any items in need of repair, unless he can get you to do it for him! He has an unusual air about him and your suspicions are aired further into the game. Then there is Jaques, the ski instructor, who is occupied with his own issues. We find that he is not quite who he is cracked up to be. Could the suspicious and nosey Lisa, a co-guest and reporter, be seen as a threat to the case? Is she behind the mysterious occurrences? Does she know more than she has let on and is she really who she claims to be? Professor Hotchkiss is all too strange to be completely innocent, could she have knowledge worth imparting? Her timekeeping is certainly bizarre enough to raise at least some curiosity. The game presents many motives and paths to follow, but which is the correct one to choose?

Take in the scenery and enjoy the set up of the castle resort and its grounds, since there is so much to see and discover. Question your suspects carefully and bear in mind that they can mislead you intentionally. Stay focused and take notes as you immerse yourself in another great mystery brought to you by Her Interactive.

This is a really enjoyable mystery that has you working machinery, learning history, and solving baffling puzzles, not to mention having a good old rummage through everyone’s belongings in the search for pointers and clues. Your life will be in danger several times over while having to trek through snow in sub-zero temperatures. You will also have a chance to meet an interesting acquaintance who keeps rather unusual hours.

Treasure in the Royal tower is a point-and-click style adventure that has many attractions for the fans of no-pressure, no-fight mystery adventure games. It can be played at your own set pace and has over 30 save game slots available for use. There's the characteristic second chance option in case you make a wrong decision, which enables you to start again at the beginning of that segment without having to start again from your last save game. This can prevent some severe frustration as well as saving valuable time.

The puzzles consist of a variety of simple match-up games, logic maneuver puzzles, and research via books around the resort to connect clues and decipher the whereabouts of the hidden tower and the secrets held within. Glean hints from your suspects and follow up every clue, for everyone seems to have a motive and holds a secret in their past or present.

If I were you, I’d grab my thermos and make haste to play as Nancy Drew in this fab adventure from the award winning series. You can’t go wrong with a game that features a diverse set of characters, great graphics, over twenty hours of interactive game play, and event great attention to details like lip synching.


PC System Requirements:
Windows® 95/98/ME/XP
166 MHz Pentium® Processor
8X CD-ROM Drive
16-bit Color Graphics Video Card
16-bit Sound Card