Day Of The Tentacle

Remastered               WALKTHROUGH

Len  Green  21 October 2016




   Some written walkthroughs do not fully explain or describe every single action necessary throughout the whole game but leave some unexplained or obscure.  I have endeavoured to describe every single detail essential to complete the whole game.

However this brilliant update of the magnificent classic masterpiece is quite complex and can be played by following an almost infinite number of different routes.  It is almost impossible that any two players will follow exactly the identical itinerary from start to finish with every action and movement in the same order! It is almost certain that this walkthrough does not describe the best or most efficient route to play the game (and finish it).

Due to the highly non-linear nature of the game the hint that you need may occur in many different areas of this walkthrough and so I recommend the following easy procedure which has worked very well for myself on many different occasions …………..

………… If and when you arrive at a situation in the game where you are completely stuck, think of a suitable keyword or keywords.  e.g.  suppose you think you need some red paint or need to do something unknown with it or on it after you have acquired it, etc.  Then your key-word(s) could suitably be "paint" or "red" or even "red paint".  .

         Insert your keyword into your walkthrough document's search/find action.  You may obtain more than one "hit" but one of them at least should yield the hint you need in the walkthrough.  If it doesn't, then choose a more appropriate or explicit key-word.




          1.   This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you MUST take in order to complete the game together with some which are maybe helpful although not absolutely essential. However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.               

2.   “Warning”:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, and solve puzzles whilst having fun!  If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game pretty quickly. However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!

                    3.   The walkthrough does not do justice to the excellent “Day Of The Tentacle Remastered”!  A very great part of the interest and attraction of the game is wandering around the various locations, and particularly the humorous conversations and wisecracks between the characters throughout the game - there are actually so many that I’m pretty certain that I myself missed some!! 

                  4.   Upon entering EVERY new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout and in so doing examine fully EVERY one of the many hotspots.  However, the walkthrough does not generally tell you explicitly to do this! The hotspots themselves are exhibited with labeled names.         

                    5.   You should most certainly NOT HAVE TO  follow the same order of accessing locations or hotspots etc. as outlined in this walkthrough since the game is EXTREMELY non-linear. There are an enormous number of permutations of routes, and it is almost impossible that ANY two players will follow exactly the identical itinerary etc. from beginning to end. In addition it is more than just likely that this walkthrough does not describe the best or even the optimum or most efficient route to play the game (and finish it completely)!

          Some locations of course will not be available until you have completed certain previous tasks.  The same applies and even more so to certain gameplay actions. And so a particular order is sometimes obligatory. Other than that, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) the locations and try various actions etc. as and when it seems to you to be logical!

                    6.  The game is third person and mouse driven point & click.  It is VERY suitable for children and adults alike. There are no fast or manipulative actions and you cannot die (or kill anybody).     

                    7.   As in most games, it is easy to make a 'wrong' or redundant or unsuitable move! So it is HIGHLY advisable to save FREQUENTLY.  There are only ten save-slots but you can over-save these repeatedly!

                  8.  EVERY TIME you obtain a new item, it will appear in one of your three inventories. You should observe and if necessary examine each new inventory item immediately it appears in your game-inventory..

N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to 'manipulate', some of the inventory. In addition, some inventory items will combine with others there (or elsewhere) to create new objects.

                    9.  "Day of the Tentacle" contains a considerable number of roughly self-contained 'episodes'.  I have tried to follow and complete each one.  This inevitably entails a lot of jumping about between the three protagonists in their very different time-frames.  This approach should cause the narrative to be more meaningful but unfortunately somewhat more tedious.  I hope that it makes the brilliant (zany) narrative and game more enjoyable.

                    10.  In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into inventory are written in bold, underlined, and red.

All objects which are used from inventory are written in bold italicized, underlined, and blue.




     Pay attention to the cut- scenes at the very beginning of the game.  They outline the themes of the whole saga and lay the foundation for the following events and narrative!


Bernard (in the present)

1st Visit


******  Examine the (at present, SINGLE) inventory and note the Textbook already placed there automatically at the very beginning of the game.

******  Look around the lobby of the Mansion/Motel and view everything accessible

******  Open the fairly large square window of the grandfather clock

******  Enter the grandfather clock which leads to Dr. Fred's secret laboratory

          Watch the very important cut-scene …. It outlines the fundamental basis of the game ………. How Bernard foolishly releases purple tentacle who Dr. Fred had imprisoned allowing him to pursue his monstrous plan of conquering the world.  Dr. Fred endeavours to stop him by turning off the Sludge-O-Matic machine which made the mutant purple tentacle so brilliant. But he can only do this in the past before purple tentacle drank the sludge which made him so powerful. So Dr. Fred gets Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne to enter his three time travel Chron-O-Johns to travel to the past. However since he could only use an artificial diamond in his time machine it all goes terribly wrong and Hoagie finishes up 200 years in the past and Laverne 200 years in the future (Bernard remains in the present).  So purple tentacle's diabolical plan has to be defeated somehow under those limitations.


The FIVE exits from the Mansion's lobby

[A] To Dr. Fred's secret laboratory

          Through the grandfather clock

[B] To Dr. Fred's office

          Through the door behind the service bell, to the left of the clock

[C] To the various living rooms

          Up the stairs on the extreme right

[D] To the main hall

          Through the large double  doors beneath the 'Welcom(e)' sign

[E] To outside the Mansion

          Through the door to the left of "Chuck the Plant"


******  Examine the pay-phone

******  See the Dime left in the pay-phone and grab it

******  Go to the window and try to look out - but you can't see much due to the notice blocking the view

******  Read the Help-Wanted Sign and take it

******  On the floor beneath "Chuck the Plant" (near the bottom left corner of your monitor screen) is a rack for fliers …………

******  ………… From it take a Flier and read it… "George says that every American should have a vacuum cleaner in the basement'"  

******   Go to [B]

******   Examine everything in Dr, Fred's office including his safe and the video camera

******   View Dr Fred's desk

******   Pick up Dr. Fred's Swiss bankbook from the desk.

******   Examine the Bankbook in inventory "Gee Dr. Fred doesn’t have a penny"

******   Open the desk drawer

******   Take the Booboo-B-Gone correction fluid

******   Return to the lobby

******   Try to take the false barf on the wall - you can't - Bernard says "I can't reach it up there"

******   Maybe you can shake it down somehow?

******   Go to [C] 

******   There are three doors and some stairs there.

******   Enter the third door to the right which has the letter 'F' marked on it.

******   It is the door to green tentacle's room - he cannot move from there

******   Examine everything in the room

******   Talk to green tentacle and exhaust all topics of conversation

******   Turn on the stereo set creating very loud music (noise?)

******   In addition to the very large loudspeaker there is a smaller one on the floor at the other side of the room

******   Push the small loudspeaker and it falls over flat on the floor causing the whole floor and walls to vibrate violently

******   Observe the false barf falling down from the wall onto the floor of the lobby

******   Turn off the stereo set

******   Return to the lobby

******   Take the False Barf from the floor

******   Examine the gum with a dime stuck in it on the floor of the lobby

******   Try to take the gum - you can't it's stuck very firmly to the floor

******   You'll have to prise it from the floor

******   Go to [E]

******   Look around outside the Mansion/Motel

******   Go to the parking lot

******   Talk to the man in the ski mask and exhaust all topics of conversation

******   The guy is evidently a crook and is trying to open up the old dirty car with a crowbar

******   Try to get the crowbar - impossible the burglar needs it to open up the trunk of the car

******   Maybe you can find him some keys instead?

******   Return to the lobby

Go to [C] 

******   Enter the first room on the right, the room marked with a 'W', the honeymoon suite

Look around at everything there

******   Whilst inside the room close the door

******   Take the Keys hanging on the inside of the door

******   Return to the man in the ski mask and give him the keys receiving the Crowbar

******   Return to the lobby

******   Use the crowbar to prise up the Gum with a Dime Struck in it

******   In inventory use the Gum with a Dime Struck in it

 and separate the Dime from the wad of gum

******   Return to the honeymoon suite

******   There is a very hefty conventioneer sleeping deeply curled up on the bed

******   Try talking on and on to him - it doesn't help. He is an extremely 'heavy' sleeper.

******   He is lying on something that Bernard wants - but it's impossible to move him

******   Examine the 'Fickle Fingers Coin Slot'

******   Put one Dime into the Fickle Fingers Coin Slot and it starts the bed vibrating

******   Put the other Dime into the Fickle Fingers Coin Slot and it makes the bed vibrate more violently and causes the conventioneer who was sleeping on it to fall down onto the floor - still sleeping!

******   Grab the Sweater from the vacated bed - "Whee!  It's soaking wet"

******   Return to the lobby

******   Enter[D] 

******   See some chattering teeth

******   Take the teeth - No way!  When you approach them they hop away

******   There is a grating in the hall - open it

******   Approach the teeth from behind and get them to jump towards and into the open grating where they are trapped

******   Pick up the Chattering Teeth

******   There is a door just to the left of the open fireplace - Open it and go through

******   You are in the diner - examine everything there

******   Take the Fork from the table

******   Take the Coffee from the stove ………

******   ……… and the Decaf Coffee next to it

******   There is a door just to the left of the microwave - go through it to the laundry

******   Open the cabinet there

******  Take the Funnel from the cabinet

******   Open the door to the coin operated clothes dryer

******   Put the wet Sweater from inventory into the dryer. (You need coins to operate the clothes dryer!)

******   Return to [C]

******   Examine the candy machine

******   From inventory, use the crowbar to smash the candy machine and obtain a huge pile of quarters

******  Examine the quarters… Bernard says "I figure this is about eight hundred, seventy six thousand, six hundred dollars-worth of quarters"!

******  Return again to the coin operated clothes dryer (See just above)

very large pile of coins

******   Insert ALL the quarters into the dryer which starts working and will continue to do so for ages

******  Return yet again to [C] and ascend the stairs at the far right

******  There are two doors there - enter the door on the right, it is Weird Ed Edison's room - he is poring over his fairly rare  Pony Express stamp album

******  Examine everything in the room

******  Talk to Weird Ed Edison and exhaust all topics of conversation

******  If you meddle with his stamps he'll get upset

******  Look at the hamster - "He's reading the Wall Street Journal"(??)

******  Grab the Hamster

                     IF YOU  ACCESS  ED'S COMPUTER you can play the FULL prequel shorter game called "Maniac Mansion".

BUT WE SHALL NOT DIGRESS HERE in this walkthrough!!

******  Exit Weird Ed Edison's room

          In order to bring Hoagie and Laverne back/forward to the present Dr. Fred needs a real diamond (amongst other things) and that needs a pile of cash!  Perhaps there's some in Dr. Fred's  safe?

******  Go to the honeymoon suite ((See above)

******  The TV set in the honeymoon suite keeps advertizing a real diamond for sale for 'only' two million dollars! - "Phone 1-800-Star Wars"!

         Where and how  can Bernard acquire two million dollars?

******   Go to [B]

******   The safe has a portrait of Dr. Fred on its outer panel - open it

******  Open the inner safe itself -  Bernard cannot - at least at present - "I don't know the combination!"

******  Enter the room opposite Weird Ed's room (See previously). - it is the 'security room' supervised by Nurse Edna, and look around there

******  Examine the monitor and VCR - but Edna will not allow Bernard to access them

******  Since Edna is on a 'rolling' chair (i.e. with wheels) perhaps you can get to the left of her and give her a good push causing her to roll out of the open door - and VERY fast!

******  That doesn't work unfortunately.  Nurse Edna is rather plump and an elastic item of her clothing gets caught on a statue's sword which catapults her flying back into the room.

******  Maybe there's something that can be done about that sword?

******  How to acquire that huge sum of money?

******  Go to [A]

******  Scrutinise and take the  Patent Application (Edison's Super Salad Battery) at the extreme right side of the lab behind the hamster generator

           Observe the very important cut-scene ……..  Dr. Fred reappears, takes the Patent Application plans from Bernard and puts them into the Chron-O-John whence they are flushed to Hoagie who is now accessible and takes control of the action 200 years ago!


Hoagie (in the past)

1st Visit


         To date in this walkthrough, the only inventory mentioned and dealt with is Bernard's inventory. But Hoagie and Laverne each have their own inventories.  Hoagie's inventory is available now whilst Laverne's will also become available later in this walkthrough!  

         To start with, Hoagie's inventory contains one item only, a Can-Opener

******  Retrieve the Patent Application from Hoagie's Chiron-O-John - It goes into Hoagie's inventory

******  Walk as far as possible to the left and Hoagie arrives at the Inn       This Inn is the original building which 200 years later has developed into Dr. Fred's Motel-Mansion. The Inn is very similar, although not identical, to the much later Mansion - so much so that the same exits above from its lobby { [A] thru' [E] } to the various rooms etc. also apply.

******  Again, as with Bernard, open the grandfather clock

******  Go to [A]

******  You are in Red Edison's workshop - look around at everything

******  Talk to Red Edison and exhaust all topics of conversation

******  Grab the Left-Handed Hammer from Red's workbench

******  Return to the lobby

******  Go to [C]

******  Walk to the farthest right and ascend the stairs

******  There is a horse on one side of the corridor and a closed door on the other side. Open the closed door and enter the room

******  It is occupied by the two twin brothers Ned and Jed Edison, who are artists - they are the sons of Red Edison who criticises them for being sculptors and not inventors or scientists

******  Look around everywhere.  Ned is right-handed whilst Jed is left-handed

******  From inventory take the Left-Handed Hammer and when Ned places the right-handed hammer on the barrel for an instant, VERY quickly substitute the Left-Handed Hammer instead of the Right-Handed Hammer

******  Ned cannot work with that hammer and is devastated

          Watch the ensuing cut-scene ……..  Brother Jed steps in to help out and re-sculpts the statue but with a right-handed aspect. NOTE a flash where in the security (Edna's) room in the present, a twin statue replaces the previous one BUT with its sword switched from left to right

******  On your keyboard press the key "2" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Hoagie in the past to Bernard in the present.


Bernard (in the present)

2nd Visit


******  If you haven't yet obtained the decaf coffee do so now (See previously).  If you DO have the decaf coffee (and regular) coffee Dr. Fred will be standing in his secret laboratory drinking endless cups of (strong) coffee from a mug to keep himself awake continuously.  He claims that he hasn't been asleep for two years to avoid his horrendous nightmares?!

******  Go to [A]

******  Talk to Dr. Fred and exhaust all topics of conversation

NOTE :-  This discussion is worth paying attention to!  It outlines the next few steps in the game.

         Dr. Fred has to obtain a two million dollar REAL diamond.  To do this he has to open his safe to get hold of his old contract and to do that he has to remember the combination of his office safe which he can only do when he's asleep!!

******  When he puts his mug down on the table quickly fill it with Decaf Coffee from inventory

******  Dr. Fred immediately falls asleep mumbling "Must open safe", "Must find contract", "Must provide for family"

******  Go to the safe in Dr. Fred's office (see previously - He sleepwalks there and keeps on opening (and closing) his safe in his dream state and sees his unsigned contract in it

******  Bernard tries to open the safe and get the contract but he can't -  He doesn't know the safe's combination which Dr. Fred is mumbling and applying too fast, and also Dr. Fred is standing in his way

******  But apparently Dr. Fred is being videotaped by the camera in his office and this should be recorded on the monitor in Nurse Edna's security room

******  Go to [C] and from there to Green Tentacle's room (See previously)

******  Examine the stereo (on top of the large loudspeaker) …………

******  ………… and from it take the Videotape

******  Exit, and from there go to the 'security' (Nurse Edna's) room (See above)

******  Talk to Edna and exhaust all possible topics of conversation

NOTE :- Again - This important discussion is worth paying attention to! It outlines the next few steps in the game.

******  Move to the left of Nurse Edna and then push her out of the room and down the stairs!? This time the sword on the right side of the statue offers no resistance

******  Access the monitor, now without hindrance from Edna

******  From inventory place the Videotape into the VCR

******  View the monitor and see Dr. Fred in his office mumbling his safe's combination whilst opening and closing it

******  However, this is too rapid for Bernard to learn that essential combination

******  So, access the VCR (Either 'Look at' or 'Use')

******  Examine the 'speed-button', i.e. the button at the far right.  It has two actions.  The upper half marked SP (Maybe Standard Play?) causes the VCR to play at NORMAL speed. The lower half marked EP (Maybe Extended {Slow} Play?) causes the VCR to play at SLOW speed.

******  The double-backwards-arrowheads, sixth button from the right, cases the VCR to rewind to the beginning of the videotape  - if it is not there already of course

******  Check that the speed-button is set on SP and the rewind button has rewound the videotape to the beginning

******  Press the record button (the one situated three from the right and marked with a reddish coloured square)

You will observe the recording taking place until, after a while, IRS (Internal Revenue Service) officials enter and carry Dr. Fred off somewhere claiming that they wish to examine his financial-books

******  Since the videotape is now at the end, press the rewind button to rewind it to the beginning

******  Switch the speed-button to EP

******  Press the forward play button (single forward arrowhead five to the left of the extreme right hand button).  View Dr. Fred's  previous actions in slow motion so that Bernard can obtain the safe's combination and Dr. Fred himself is no longer blocking access to the safe   

******  Exit Nurse Edna's room and go downstairs

******  Go to [B]

******  Open the safe - Dr. Fred is no longer there to interfere (he has been abducted by the IRS) and you have learned the combination of the safe

******  Grab the Contract - But Fred never signed it!

******  Go to [D]

******  Enter the fireplace there and emerge from the chimney on the roof

******  Enter the window on the right

******  View poor Dr. Fred covered from head to foot with real red tape and bound with a rope.

******  Pull the Rope and take it

         You will have to get Dr. Fred to sign the contract somehow  - this is easier said than done since he is still deeply asleep, and incapacitated bound like a mummy with red tape and under extremely strict surveillance and captivity being held prisoner by the IRS who won't let you do anything to or for him!

Pull the Rope and take it

******  Exit the window onto the roof

******  Wrap the Rope around the pulley there - it dangles down to the ground outside

******  Jump into the chimney and hence arrive downstairs

******  Exit the main hall

******  Go to [E]

******  View dead cousin Ted - he's a mummified version of Dr. Fred

******  Tie the end of the Dangling Rope around Ted

******  Return to the roof via the fireplace as you did just above

******  Pull the end of the rope which is on the roof

          Watch the short cut-scene …….. the rope starts to pull dead cousin Ted upwards and then the action gets out of hand.  Ted goes flying upwards out of control like a bullet out of a gun. Bernard drops down onto the ground at the other end of the rope outside where Ted was originally. Ted crashes through the large window on the roof lying sprawled on the floor just inside that window.

NOTE that Ted and Dr. Fred look very similar except that the former is white in colour and the latter red!

******  Bernard returns yet again to the roof via the fireplace in the main room as before

******  Enter the same window again

******  On your keyboard press the key "1" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Bernard in the present to

Hoagie in the past


Hoagie (in the past)

2nd Visit


******  Go to the lobby and from there to [C]

******  Walk to the right as far as possible and ascend the stairs 

******  Near the bottom left corner of your monitor screen there is a stairway up to the attic.  Go there (Take care -  there is also a main stairway back down again - not that one!)

******  Take the bucket of Red Paint

******  Seize the squeaky mouse toy - No chance, the unfriendly cat won’t let you

******  Use (i.e. Sit on) Ned's bed, the bed at the left side of the room - its mattress emits a squeaky noise which attracts the cat away from its squeaky mouse toy for a very short time

******  Use the same mattress by exchanging it with the mattress on Jed's bed, the bed on the right side of the room

******  Sit on Jed's bed which now emits the squeaking sound from its mattress - this attracts the cat for a somewhat longer time

******  VERY quickly grab the Squeaky Mouse Toy

******  Go to Hoagie's Chron-O-John and put the Red Paint inside

******  On your keyboard press the key "2" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Hoagie in the past to Bernard in the present


Bernard (in the present)

3rd Visit


******  From Bernard's Chron-O-John retrieve the Red Paint

******  Enter the fireplace again and return to the roof and the window as you did previously

******  From inventory cover Ted with Red Paint

******  Use Ted with Dr. Fred - This gets Bernard to push Dr. Fred off the bed and onto the floor at the far side of the bed where he can't be seen by the IRS guard… and then to drag (red covered) Ted into Fred's place on the bed

One of the guards hears a noise and takes a look - all's OK, or so he thinks!

******  Attach the end of the rope on the floor to Dr. Fred

******  Exit the window onto the roof

******  Pull the rope and again

          Watch the short cut-scene …….. Dr. Fred goes flying out of the attic, over the roof and drops right down to the ground  outside and Bernard follows him,

******  Dr. Fred, on the ground outside the mansion, is 'out cold' and Bernard drags him more safely down to his secret laboratory with Bernard close to him.  He has been rescued from his IRS jailers!

          He is still very fast asleep and needs to be woken up

********  From inventory use the (very strong) jug of Coffee on Fred ………….

******  ………… and to avoid sloshing it all over him, first fix the Funnel in his mouth

******  When Dr. Fred is awake get him to sign his (unsigned) contract from inventory - but he stubbornly refuses.  He says he never signs contracts without first reading them and he hasn't got time to read this one since he's too busy 'saving the world' from purple tentacle!

******  Talk to him - there are four different subterfuges, any one of which you can employ in order to trick him into signing the vital Contract believing that it is a document for some completely different purpose

******  So you now have the Signed Contract in inventory



******  Return to the lobby and then go to [C]

******  Open the second door to the right

******  If you cannot enter at this stage you can and should at least stand at the open door and look in

******  Talk to Dwayne the totally depressed novelty salesman and exhaust all topics of discussion with him

******  If you are stuck at the door there is only one item you can reach from there -  so pick it up, the Disappearing Ink from very close by

******  Leave and go to Weird Ed Edison's room (See previously)

******  Pour the Disappearing Ink all over his precious stamp album

******  This (temporarily) ruins his precious stamp collection and understandably infuriates Ed

******  Bernard backs out of the room in VERY great haste and Weird Ed throws the stamp album after him

******  One Pony Express stamp flutters out of the album and onto the floor

******  Pick up the Stamp

******  Pick up the Stamp Album

******  Stick the Stamp onto the Signed Contract

******  After a very short time, the disappearing ink on the stamp collection evaporates so, in order to be pals again, return the Stamp Album safely to Weird Ed Edison

******  Go to [A] and put the (stamped and) Signed Contract into the Chron-O-John

******  On your keyboard press the key "1" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Bernard in the present to Hoagie in the past


Hoagie (in the past)

3rd Visit


                   It is almost impossible that you have followed the identical route and itinerary as described above!  But if you have, or something close to it, Hoagie's inventory should at present contain the following items (- if not this can easily be 'remedied' by locating and adding them!) …………   

………… Can-Opener; Patent Application (Edison's Super Salad Battery);  Right-Handed Hammer; Squeaky Mouse Toy.

******  Retrieve the (stamped and) Signed Contract from the Chron-O-John

******  Get Hoagie to walk as far as he can to the left outside the inn and look at the mailbox there

******  Pull the flag on the mailbox - WooHoo… the pony express races by in a cloud of dust

******  Open the mailbox and take the Letter inside (it is added to the abovementioned Hoagie's present inventory)

******  Read the letter…"You're brilliant.  What a novel design.  Come to Baltimore at once"!

******  From Hoagie's inventory put the (stamped and) Signed Contract into the mailbox

******  The Pony express passes in a flash and takes the contract

          Watch the cut-scene …….. In the present, Dr. Fred is awarded two million dollars contractual back payment.  It is added to his Swiss bank account (and recorded in his Swiss bankbook)

******  Go to Hoagie's Chron-O-John and put the Letter into it

******  On your keyboard press the key "2" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Hoagie in the past to Bernard in the present


Bernard (in the present)

4th Visit


******  Take another glance at Fred's Swiss bankbook in Bernard's inventory…  " Dr. Fred's RICH!"

******  Retrieve the Letter from Bernard's Chron-O-John and it goes into his inventory

******  Go to Dwayne's room (See earlier)

******  Dwayne remains virtually suicidal since nobody appreciates his (weird?) novelty designs

******  Give ultra-depressed Dwayne the Letter (from Bernard's inventory now)

******  He reads "You're brilliant.  What a novel design. ……….".   He's off to Baltimore like a flash of lightning and you can at last enter the room

******  Grab the Flag Gun from the floor inside his room next to his bed

******  Whilst you are in the room, access the TV set there and listen to the commercial for an expensive (real not artificial this time ) diamond (Don't miss doing this!alternatively you can do this instead by listening to the identical message on the TV in the conventioneer's room

******  NOTE for the future: only- Notice the mouse hole in the wall beneath the picture of four dogs playing poker

******  Exit and go to the lobby.

******  Go to [D]

******  Walk to the right and talk to the cigar salesman - he will try to sell Bernard a cigar and when he succeeds it explodes in Bernard's mouth

******  Filch the cigar lighter from the table (it looks just like a real gun)  - No can do… The salesman has his eyes wide open

******  From inventory take the Flag Gun, divert the salesman's attention, and switch it for the Cigar Lighter

******  Get the salesman to give you an Exploding  Cigar and observe his astonishment this time when it doesn't 'work'

******  Exit the main hall and go to Dr. Fred's office (See previously)

******  Use the phone on the table and …………

          Watch the cut-scene …….. which finishes up with a real two million dollar diamond being delivered to Dr. Fred.  It is actually delivered within seconds of Bernard ordering it and he exclaims "Now THAT'S service"!

******  Go down to Dr. Fred's secret laboratory (See previously) and see the real diamond glowing inside the time machine

         If you have not already done so, this would be a suitable time to transfer seven items you have accumulated in Bernard's inventory into Hoagies inventory, as follows:-

         Put any one of the seven pertinent items, say the Chattering Teeth, into Bernard's Chron-O-John.  Then transfer control from Bernard (in the present) to Hoagie (in the past) by using hot-key "1".  Then retrieve the Chattering Teeth from Hoagie's Chron-O-John putting them into Hoagie's inventory.  Finally transfer control back from Hoagie to Bernard by using hot-key "2"

         Repeat the whole above process to transfer the Cigar Lighter from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that the Cigar Lighter is now in Hoagies inventory.

         Repeat the whole above process to transfer the Exploding Cigar from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that the Exploding Cigar is now in Hoagies inventory

Repeat the whole above process to transfer the Red Paint from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that the Red Paint is now in Hoagies inventory

         And once again repeat the whole above process to transfer the Textbook from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that now the Textbook is now in Hoagies inventory

         And yet again repeat the whole above process to transfer the Help-Wanted Sign from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that now the Help-Wanted Sign is now in Hoagies inventory

         Finally repeat the whole above process to transfer the Flier from Bernard's inventory to Hoagie's so that now the Flier is now in Hoagies inventory

******  On your keyboard press the key "1" which is the hot-key which transfers control from Bernard in the present to

Hoagie in the past


Hoagie (in the past)

4th Visit


******  If you haven't done so before, examine the patent application ('Edison's super salad battery' plan) in Hoagie's inventory

-******  Try to fix the Patent Application onto the bulletin board and instead Hoagie will be requested to hand it to Red Edison (Instead you can also simply hand it directly to Red!)

******  Red Edison says that all he needs to make a super battery is oil, vinegar, and some gold

Go to [D] which is the main Hall -  However, 200 years ago it was the Congress Room where the Founding Fathers are in the laborious process of writing the American Constitution

******  From there, enter the white swinging door to the left of the fireplace which takes Hoagie to the pantry

******  Have a good look around

******  From the pantry take the (Salad) Oil

******  Also take the Spaghetti

******  Return through the white swinging door there to the Congress/Constitution Room

******  The Founding Fathers are sitting at a long table on which are a time capsule, a historic log (of wood), a gold-plated quill pen, and the (partially written) constitution of America

******  Note the smoke detector (a canary in a cage) over the fireplace

******  Talk to John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and exhaust all topics of discussion, gleaning as much information as you can 

******  John Hancock is shivering with cold and Thomas Jefferson won't let a fire be lit in the fireplace since he wants to preserve his wooden log for posterity

******  Talk to George Washington and choose the topics concerned with the very cold weather and his experience at Valley Forge

         We want to get a fire lit and to do this we need to make George Washington APPEAR to be very cold and thereby influence Jefferson

******  Give George the Exploding Cigar from inventory and light it for him with the Cigar Lighter - It explodes in his mouth and expels his (wooden) false teeth

******  From inventory give Washington the Chattering Teeth

******  Thomas Jefferson sees that George Washington's teeth are chattering and assumes (incorrectly) that he is cold and so Jefferson and/or John Hancock light a fire in the fireplace

******  John Hancock throws off his Navajo Blanket and Hoagie picks up the Blanket

******  Go up to the attic (See previously)

******  Squeeze out of the one window there onto the roof

******  From inventory throw that Blanket over the copious smoke emerging from the chimney

         Watch the ensuing panicky cut-scene

******  Return via the same window and the attic to the lobby.  The Founding Fathers are all outside now

******  Grab the Gold-Plated Quill Pen

******  Go to [C] and enter the third (last) door - it is Benjamin Franklin's room

******  Grab the Wine Bottle

         You have to make this wine very old - 400 years old in fact, in order to turn it into vinegar.  To do this you have to get the bottle of wine to Laverne in the future.  But so far you cannot even access Laverne -She is still hanging on a tree where she crash landed and you first have to get her down.

******  Leave Ben Franklin's room and go to [D], the Congress Room

******  Put the Wine Bottle into the Time Capsule on the table where it will reside for 400 years

*****  Talk to George Washington again and this time discuss the history whereby he was presumed to have cut down (many?) cherry trees

******  Taunt George Washington by challenging him to prove that he can still chop down a cherry tree

******  You may have already painted the yellow fruit of the kumquat tree red? (outside the inn and in view of the window in the main Congress (Constitution) room - If not however you should do that now  -  the red paint may still be up in the attic (See previously) of the inn or possibly in either Hoagie's or Bernard's inventories

******  As George Washington looks out of the window he sees the kumquat tree painted red and thinks it’s a cherry tree so he cuts the "sucker" down

          Watch the cut-scene …….. Laverne's kumquat tree 400 years later (i.e. 200 years in the future.) 'evaporates' and she falls to the ground.  Apparently tentacles have taken over the world and the remaining human beings, including Laverne, are an inferior and subjugated race.

******  On your keyboard press the key "3" which is the hot-key that transfers control from  Hoagie in the past to

Laverne in the future


Laverne (in the future)

1st Visit


******  Laverne arrives at the 'kennel' (After all, humans are no better than domestic dogs - it is a mild sort of prison for humans) - she has one inventory item, a Scalpel

******  Talk to the three 'humans' playing cards

******  Talk to the tentacle guard and tell him you need to go to the bathroom

******  Walk through the front yard to the far right and observe Laverne's Chron-O-John

                   This would be a convenient time to transfer some inventory items (but not all!) using the three Chron-O-Johns -  from Hoagie and Bernard to Laverne as follows:-

         FROM  HOAGIE (Press keyboard "1" Can-Opener; Squeaky Mouse Toy;  Spaghetti to Laverne "3", adding Can-Opener; Squeaky Mouse Toy;  Soggy Noodles

          FROM  BERNARD (Press keyboard "2" Booboo-B-Gone; Fake Barf;  Fork to Laverne "3", adding Booboo-B-Gone; Fake Barf;  Fork

******  Return to the kennel

******  Talk to the tentacle guard again and this time tell him you feel sick - he'll send you to the tentacle-doctor (or is it vet?)

         View the cut-scene

******  The doctor examines Laverne, finds nothing wrong with her and exits his clinic leaving her there alone

******  Take the Tentacle Chart

******  Put the Tentacle Chart into Laverne's Chron-O-John

******  Switch to Hoagie in the past (Press "1" on your keyboard)


Hoagie (in the past)

5th Visit


******  Retrieve the Tentacle Chart from Hoagie's Chron-O-John

******  Go to [C]

******  Enter the second room to the right - Betsy Ross's (the seamstress's) room

******  Place the Tentacle Chart on the pile of patterns for the new American flag

******  Watch the cut scene - The flag on Laverne's roof in the future is turned into a tentacle dress made of stars and stripes American flag material

******  Switch to Bernard in the present (Press "2" on your keyboard)


Bernard (in the present)

5th Visit


******  Go to the roof (See previously)

******  Remove the Crank from the crank box

******  Go to Bernard's Chron-O-John …………

*****-* …………and insert the Crank

******  Return to Laverne in the future (Press "3" on your keyboard)


Laverne (in the future)

2nd Visit


******  Go to Laverne's Chron-O-John again and retrieve the Crank from there

******  Go to the Doctor's clinic again (See just above)

******  Exit through the only door there

******  Exit through the large door (near centre-screen)

******  Enter the fireplace which takes Laverne up to the roof

******  From inventory insert the Crank into the crank box

******  Using (i.e. rotating) the crank, wind the American flag/dress down

******  Take the Flag

******  Get Laverne to don the Flag from her inventory making a tentacle dress (costume - disguise) - You can only do this where no people are present

******  Return to the Doctor's clinic once again

******  Exit through the one door there - you are in a sort of 'lobby' i.e. the hall where three humans are waiting to participate in the "humans' contest/competition'.

******  Walk to [C],  the stairs at the extreme right and ascend them - since the tentacle guard there believes Laverne is a tentacle now (due to her costume disguise) and hence lets her pass without challenging her

*****  Turn (a very little) to the right and enter the door there

******  Approach Laverne's time capsule - it is shaped like a metal can

******  From inventory use the Can Opener to prise open the time capsule …………

******  ………… and from it remove the bottle of Vinegar (which was wine 400 years ago!)

******  Return to Laverne's Chron-O-John and put the Vinegar into it

******  On your keyboard press the key "1" which is the hot-key that transfers control from Laverne in the future to Hoagie in the past



Hoagie (in the past)

6th Visit


******  Go to Hoagie's Chron-O-John and retrieve the vinegar from it

******  Go to Red Edison's workshop (See previously)

******  From Hoagie's inventory give Red Edison the Oil,  Vinegar, and Gold-Plated Quill Pen

******  These are the three items Red needs and with them he creates his Super Battery… with a lot of sound and fury!

******  Hoagie distracts Edison by telling him that "Don't look now butt the British are coming Dude", and grabs the super Battery

******  Examine Red Edison's super battery in inventory - "The meter says that it's at zero power"

******  Walk outside as far as possible to the right

******  You come upon Benjamin Franklin flying his famous kite

******  Talk to Ben Franklin and exhaust all topics of conversation ******  Amongst other inventions he claims bombastically that he has invented electricity - 'invented', not discovered!

******  Go to the Congress Room again (See previously)

******  Open the swinging door and enter, arriving at the pantry again

******  There is another door just immediately to the right of the swinging door - open it and enter the washroom

******  Pick up the Bucket

******  Open the cabinet in the washroom

******  Take the Brush from inside the cabinet

******  Return to the pantry

******  From inventory fill the Bucket from the pump obtaining a Bucket Full of Water

******  Exit via the swinging door and go to the lobby (See previously)

******  Co to [C] 

******  Go right and enter the first door - It is George Washington's room

******  Pull the cord to summon the maid

******  Talk to her and exhaust all topics of conversation - she is convinced that Hoagie is George Washington!!  Quiz her about her cleaning utensils.

******  She finishes her work and leaves

******  Use the bed i.e. ruffle up the bedclothes on the bed so that the maid will have more work to do in the room

******  Pull the cord again to summon the maid

******  Quickly exit the door whilst she is still working in the room

******  Close the door from the outside whilst the maid is still occupied working inside

******  Grab the bar of Soap

******  From inventory drop the soap into the Bucket of Water and obtain a Bucket of Soapy Water

******  Use the Brush from inventory on the Bucket of Soapy Water

*****  There is an old adage "It always rains just after you've laboriously washed your car"… So …………

******  ………… Hoagie washes the carriage and true to form …………

         View the short cut-scene …….. The heavens open up with a burst of thunder, lightning and rain.  Ben Franklin goes scurrying past, back to his room in the inn out of the storm


******  Go to Red Edison's workshop

******  From inventory give Red the Help-Wanted Sign

******  Red Edison hires (moronic?) Hoagie and tells him to take the lab coat and start working

******  Take the Lab Coat

******  Hoagie remarks that it is more like a raincoat

******  Go to [C]

******  Go right and enter the third and last door - It is Ben Franklin's room

******  From inventory give Franklin the Lab Coat

          Watch the cut-scene ………  Ben Franklin manufactures a splendid kite out of the lab coat.  Ben and Hoagie exit the inn and walk to the field at the far right.  Ben Franklin hands the kite to Hoagie and tells him to fly (i.e. push) it when he yells "Now"  Hoagie does this . 

******  The kite flies successfully but is downed to the ground by a stroke of lightening.

******  Get Hoagie to fly the kite again - and more times if necessary or interested!

******  Whilst still holding the kite and before flying (pushing) it quickly attach the (uncharged) Battery from inventory to the kite

******  This time when the lightning strikes the kite it charges up the super Battery - Franklin promises to name one of his inventions after Hoagie for posterity (I wonder if he meant a sandwich?)

******  From the ground pick up the Battery

******  Check the Battery in inventory - "The meter says it’s fully powered"

******  Go to the Congress room (See previously)

******  From inventory put the Flier into the suggestion box on a stand

******  George Washington appropriates the flier as though it was his own and reads "George says that every American should have a vacuum cleaner in their basement"

******  "And so shall it be law" intones George Washington …………

******  ………… Thus this command is written into the American Constitution(??) - even though none of them have the faintest idea what a .vacuum cleaner is. since it won't be invented or the power to run it for about 200 years"

******  Go to [C]

******  Walk to the far right and up the stairs

******  View the horse and particularly its large false teeth

******  Look at the glass - it is there to hold the horse's large dentures whilst the horse sleeps

******  Talk to the horse and exhaust all topics of conversation

******  From inventory read to the horse from the Textbook. The contents is so thoroughly boring that the horse falls asleep and deposits its dentures in the glass

******  Remove the Dentures from the glass

******  Go to Hoagie's Chron-O-John ………..

******  ………… and insert the Dentures in it

******  On your keyboard press the key "3" which is the hot-key that transfers control from  Hoagie in the past to

Laverne in the future


Laverne (in the future)

3rd Visit


******  Go to the front yard (See previously)

******  A black cat sometimes congregates in front of a shabby fence.  If it isn't there just at present it WILL be there some time in the future.  The following obviously only applies when it is present!

******  'Paint' the fence with the Booboo-B-Gone from (Laverne's) inventory

******  The cat rubs itself against the new white "paint" on the fence, doesn't like the white stripes on its fur - so it jumps up to an overhanging beam and doesn't want to come down

******  From Laverne's inventory give the Squeaky Mouse Toy to pussy who jumps down to the ground

******  Grab the Cat

******  Proceed a little to the right to Laverne's Chron-O-John

******  Retrieve the Dentures

******  Deposit the Scalpel from Laverne's inventory into her Chron-O-John

******  Transfer control from Laverne in the future to Bernard in the present (Press keyboard "2")


Bernard (in the present)

6th Visit


******  Go to Bernard's Chron-O-John

******  Retrieve the Scalpel

******  Go to [D]

 ******  Approach Oozo the Clown - If you're not careful he'll knock you down and laugh at you

******  From inventory use the scalpel and puncture Oozo

******  Take Oozo's Box of Laughs

******  Go to Bernard's Chron-O-John and deposit the Box of Laughs in it

******  Very close to the door is a white ice box - open it

******  You can only transfer inanimate objects from one time-frame to another using Chron-O-Johns - not living creatures.  So -take the Hamster from inventory and deposit the poor creature in the ice box… "}'m sorry to do this to you little fella" but it's for the future of the whole planet"

******  Close the lid

******  Transfer back from Bernard in the present to Laverne in the future (Press keyboard "3")


Laverne (in the future)

4th Visit


******  Proceed to Laverne's Chron-O-John again

******  Retrieve the Box of Laughs

******  Go to the lobby (see previously)

******  Walk to the extreme right and ascend the stairs

******  Turn just a little to the right and open the lid of the ice box

******  Remove the Frozen Hamster

******  Return to the lobby and enter the large door (near the middle of your monitor's screen

******  Enter the door just to the left of the fireplace

******  View the microwave and open its door

******  Put the Frozen Hamster into the microwave

******  Receive a Cold Wet Hamster

******  Go to the door on the right (opposite the microwave)

******  Open the drier and remove the dry Sweater - It has shrunk tremendously

******  From inventory wrap the Frozen Hamster in the (small dry) sweater

******  In Lavern's inventory you now have a Toasty Warm Hamster

******  Return again to the lobby

******  Enter the very large door near to the centre

******  Walk as far as you can go to the right

******  See a blue tentacle standing by a desk - he is apparently in charge of the contestants for the humans' contest

******  Talk to blue tentacle and exhaust all topics of conversation …………

******  ………… Tell him you wish to enter a human into the contest

******  He is more than just affable and gives Laverne a Name Tag

****** <Laverne>… "When's the show going to start my inhuman comrade?"

******  <Blue Tentacle>… "Just as soon as we get enough humans in the lobby with their tags on!"

          So Laverne has to find a human to compete.  But all LIVE  humans are either unavailable or unsuitable.  So what about a DEAD  human? Ha!

******  Return to the lobby

******  Go to [C] and up the stairs

******  Walk to the right and enter the second door

******  View and access the humans in the room and all other items there

******  Pick up the Extension Cord

******  Take the Roller Skates

*****  Talk to the mummy and exhaust Laverne's remarks - unsurprisingly the mummy does not reply!

******  From inventory fit the Roller Skates onto the mummy and stand it up

******  Give the mummy a good push and it goes sailing out of the door and finishes up sitting next to the 'person with a tutu in the row of human competitors waiting to participate in the humans' contest

******  Get Laverne to return to the lobby  and view the competitors

******  Talk to the person in the tutu, his name is Harold, and exhaust all topics of conversation

******  Pin the Name Tag onto the mummy

******  The contest is about to begin - all the (five) contestants have moved to the competition location …………

****** …………  Laverne joins them, that is …………

******  ………… go to [C] and up the stairs.  Walk to the right as far as you can go and up the stairway -  Laverne is present at the competition venue

******  Talk to the competitors

******  Laverne walks to the right and says to the group of judges "Hey, when are you guys going to judge Best Hair?"

*****  The panel of judges moves to the left and judges Best Hair

******  Harold wins easily hands down as usual

******  From inventory put the Wet Soggy Noodles onto the mummy's head

******  To the judges this time… "Hey, don't you think you should judge Best Hair again?"

******  The mummy's 'hair' has improved but still needs more attention - Harold wins again

******  From inventory use the Fork on the mummy's 'hair' which primps it up no end

******  To the judges again… "Hey, don't you think you should judge Best Hair again?"

******  Mummy WINS

******  Laverne walks to the right and says to the group of judges "Hey, when are you guys going to judge Best Smile?"

*****  The panel of judges moves to the left and judges Best Smile

******  Harold wins easily hands down as usual

******  From inventory put the Dentures into the mummy's mouth

******  To the judges this time… "Hey, don't you think you should judge Best Smile again?"

******  The mummy's 'smile' is good and permanent but still Harold wins again with the mummy earning second place

******  Repeat the last adjudication but this time judging Best Laugh instead of Best Smile and attaching to the mummy the Box of Laughs from inventory instead of the dentures …  Again Harold wins with the mummy in second place

******  From inventory throw the False Barf to Harold who is sickened and says so

******  The competition-doctor hears him.  There is a strict rule that only healthy humans are allowed to participate in the human's contest

******  The doctor disqualifies Harold and he is removed from the competition

******  No need to add anything else to the dummy - Get the judges AGAIN to re-judge all three categories, the best Hair, the Best Smile and the Best Laugh.  Now that Harold has been eliminated the mummy wins all three categories. 

******  The judges swarm around the mummy and congratulate him as being the best inanimate human ever!  He is awarded a Dinner Certificate and a Trophy both of which go into Laverne's inventory

******  Go to the kennel (See previously)

******  From inventory give the tentacle guard the Dinner Certificate. He is delighted  - it is a voucher for a free dinner for two at the very best restaurant and well beyond his lowly financial means

******  The guard rushes off to tell his wife the good news - and abandons his post!

******  From inventory release the Cat in the presence of the three human prisoners.  They mistakenly imagine that the cat is a skunk and since the guard is absent flee out of the kennel and escape

******  There is a tentacle-guard on duty next to the grandfather clock.  His job is to stop anybody touching the clock.  He is not allowed to move from his post unless prisoners escape in which case it is his duty to go after them and round them up.

******  Go to the lobby (now empty of contestants)

******  Walk a little to the right and open the front of the grandfather clock - the guard is no longer there to stop you!

******  Laverne enters the grandfather clock and goes down to the cellar/basement

******  View the generator, the vacuum cleaner (the 'built-in shop vac' with a hatch), the window and the mouse hole
******  From inventory place the now
Toasty Warm Hamster onto the wheel of the generator

******  But from the right, a boxing glove on a spring contraption knocks the poor little guy to the left off the generator and he takes refuge in the mouse hole

******  Use the vacuum cleaner (the 'built-in shop vac') on the mouse hole and it sucks up all the contents of the mouse hole

******  There is a hatch on the vacuum cleaner used for emptying all the dust etc.. 

******  Open the hatch and remove the dust ball.  Blow the dust off it and rescue the Dusty Warm Hamster safe and sound

******  Place the Dusty Warm Hamster into the generator once again - No boxing glove this time!

******  The hamster keeps permanently running round and round the generator's wheel generating constant power

******  Leave the cellar (basement) and return to Laverne's Chron-O-John

******  From inventory fix the Extension Cord into the plug of the Chron-O-John which is just alongside it

******  A bit to the left of the Chron-O-John is a small window.  Take a good look through this window - it connects with the cellar and Laverne can see Dr. Fred's old generator now working fine

******  She would like to get that power to her Chron-O-John but she is too large to get through the window

******  From inventory insert the Extension Cord into and through the small window

******  Leave the Chron-O-John and return to the lobby

******  Enter the grandfather clock again and hence arrive at the cellar once more

******  See the extension cord dangling down from the window (at the top right corner of your monitor)

******  Connect the extension cord with the generator

******  WOW!! Laverne's Chron-O-John is now fully powered up from the generator

******  On your keyboard press the key "1" which is the hot-key that

 transfers control from Laverne in the future to

Hoagie in the past


Hoagie (in the past)

7th Visit


******  Go to Hoagie's Chron-O-John (See previously)

******  From Hoagie's inventory attach the (fully -charged) Battery to the plug

****** Hoagie's Chron-O-John is now fully powered up

          Both Laverne's and Hoagie's Chron-O-Johns are fully charged and ready to go.  If this is not so then check both of them for the fault(s).

          AUTOMATICALLY the scene shifts to the present ………. and a fairly long cut-scene starts up.  The game remains in the present time frame from here onwards right until the very end:-

CUT-SCENE:-  Dr. Fred who has been waiting for the other two Chron-O-Johns to get fully powered up now exhorts "It's time to throw the switch".  Hoagie and Laverne return to ordinary present time - But so do two manifestations of purple tentacle arrive with back-up forces, about to conquer the whole world!  Our three "intrepid heroes" plan to stop purple tentacle by switching off the 'Sludge-O-Matic in Dr. Fred's secret lab (in the past) before purple tentacle can get to it.  But things go VERY wrong!  All three together cram into Bernard's single Chron-O-John and before Dr. Fred can stop them, emerge, still present time, as a sort of monstrous "Siamese triplet"!! "Future-purple tentacle" zaps them (er- IT) with his newly successfully manufactured 'Diminuator' shrinking- gun.  They/IT get shrunk to about the size of a large mouse for a while and then revert to normal size only to be zapped and temporarily shrunk again -and so on.  This continues endlessly

******  They run away and manage to hide and rest in the previous conventioneer's  room (See previously - [C] first door to the right).  They are full sized permanently there but nothing they can do there except pause 

******  Eventually however they have to step outside in order to continue the game and stand near to the 'candy machine' (There they are now continuously zapped by purple tentacle and periodically alternate between shrunken and full size!

         The next few tasks are somewhat tricky and thus may have to be repeated more than once in order to succeed!  They have to be performed fairly quickly and decisively and without hesitations or fumbling!

******  During any (short) period when it is full sized get the 'triplet' to open Dwayne's door (See previously - [C] second door to the right).

NOTES:- (1)  The following is an easy (best??) way to succeed in the above  ………. IMMEDIATELY the (full sized) triplet is 'created', OPEN' Dwayne's door before getting zapped!

          (2)  If you 'miss' you can always return to the conventioneer's room and repeat the process.

******  During any (short) period when the 'triplet' is shrunken very QUCKLY get it to enter Dwayne's door and without ANY hesitating (and thus regaining full height) enter the fairly large mouse hole in the wall alongside the bed

*****  This mouse hole goes right through to the adjoining room which is green tentacle's old room ([C] third door to the right)

******  Very shortly the triplet regains full height and is shielded from

purple tentacle's Diminuator-gun

******  View the (new) joint-triplet inventory - nothing whatsoever in it at present




*****  Being full height now, take the Bowling Ball which now becomes the sole item in that triplet's inventory

******  Go down to Dr. Fred's secret lab ( See previously [A] )

******  See the troop of purple tentacle soldiers guarding the ON/OFF lever which controls the Sludge-O-Matic machine. 

******  So use your Bowling Ball to knock them ALL down like bowling pins and neutralize them all completely

******  Mission accomplished completely, or so our three protagonists believe and they/IIT turn off the lever stopping the Sludge-O-Matic before purple tentacle gets to it.

******  Not so fast!!  'Future-purple tentacle' reappears, zaps the trio and shrinks them down to insignificant size and pulls the lever back restarting the Sludge-O-Matic

******  The only thing to do is to talk to the tentacle before he manages to conquer the world

******  Choose the various topics to discuss until the suggestion arises for purple tentacle to zap his chief enemy , Dr. Fred

If you are impatient and disinterested in the banter, choose the following short discussion ……..

          ***  "Just what is it you have against humans, anyway?
          ***  "Sounds like that's all Dr, Fred's fault, really."

          ***  "You're pretty handy with that ray gun."

          ***  "Why don't you zap Dr. Fred if you hate him so much?"

******  Purple tentacle boasts that his aim is  perfect and he hits the middle of the forehead of every person he zaps… "Centre in the forehead every time" …………

******  ………… He fires at Dr. Fred.  But Dr. Fred has a mirror on his forehead and so the Diminuator ray is reflected back onto purple tentacle who is shrunk to mouse size.

***** The triplet stamps on him, shoves him into an envelope and mails him off to Siberia.





*****  Bernard demands that Dr. Fred gets the three of them back to normal "We can't buy clothes off the rack!" he moans!

******  Dr. Fred (rather reluctantly) produces some X-Ray type of plate and claims that they are not FIXED together but three individuals in the same suit of clothes?!

******  At any rate, he unscrambles them and they are now all back to normality. 


If you would like to query anything, comment, correct ANY errors, add anything, criticize, etc., PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME (Address above!).

CHEERS! …………………….. Len  Green