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Gumshoe Online:
The Osborne Mystery
Developer:Hiding Buffalo
Publisher:Hiding Buffalo
Release Date:2005
Article Posted:March 2007
System Requirements

[Editorial Note: The Osborne Mystery and the other cases currently available for Gumshoe Online can be accessed through www.Gumshoe-Online.com]

Earl and Brewster Accountants

  • Open the map and go to Earl and Brewster
  • Talk with James French and find that you have to break in to Earl and Brewster and find a key and address for Mr. Osborne's house in the cloakroom.
  • Pick up the crowbar next to the steps in front of Earl & Brewster.
  • Go down the alley on the left of the building.
  • Look in the barrel on the far left and see sawdust.
  • Look at the wooden packing crates in the corner.
  • or Look at the label on the crate.
  • Enter the building.
  • Look at the notice board and find an address in Rapid City, South Dakota and an apartment address in Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • Look at the barrel on the right and find a photograph.
  • Go right.
  • Look at the plant and take the key from under it.
  • Look at the boxes going to other states next to the stairwell.
  • Enter the cloakroom.
  • See money lying on the bench.
  • Look on the floor on the left and pick up the letter addressed to David Osborne.
  • Leave the building and talk with James French.

    David Osborne's House

  • Select the map and go to the Osborne's house.
  • Talk with Eric Anderson.
  • Enter Osborne's house.
  • Enter the living room.
  • Look at the flowers.
  • Pixel hunt the book shelves and find a book with a torn picture piece in it.
  • Go into the dining room.
  • Look at the carpet and find a trap door. Multiply the first row going across. The first digit by 2 for the digit in the second column and then by 3 for the digit in the third column. Double going down. First row 3, 6, 9. Second row 6, 12, 18. Third row 12, 24, 36. It is too far to jump.
  • Look at the newspaper.
  • Look at the light on the left.
  • Go into the kitchen.
  • Look in the bin.
  • Look at the bottles by the sink.
  • Look at the door to the garden and find it is locked.
  • Go upstairs.
  • Enter the master bedroom.
  • Pick up the earrings on the floor next to the wardrobe.
  • Open the wardrobe and find it almost empty.
  • Look under the nightstand and find a gun.
  • Look at the bed. It looks slept in.
  • Look at the blue book and find the lock picks.
  • Exit the master bedroom.
  • Go downstairs and click on the study door. Move #3 up l. Lock #4. Move #3 down 4.
  • Enter the study.
  • Look in the wastepaper bin and find the third piece of the picture.
  • Pick up the bedroom key from the top of the bookshelf.
  • Look at the picture.
  • Take the hook.
  • Exit the study and go back upstairs.
  • Take the casino chip from the shelf.
  • Enter the spare bedroom. You must click on the question mark in this room in order to get the fifth piece of the photograph.
  • Look at the photo on the nightstand
  • Take the key to the back door.
  • Look at the open window.
  • Look at the picture above the radiator.
  • Turn the valve.
  • Go back downstairs and out into the garden.
  • Look at the barrel lid, it moves.
  • Look inside the barrel and find a rope.
  • Combine the rope with the hook.
  • Look at the barrels to the left and find that they are just like the barrels outside the accountants.
  • Look at the patch of motor oil in front of the shed.
  • Look under the shed door and find a piece of photograph.
  • Look at the shed door. It is padlocked.

    The Accountant's Office Revisited

  • Open the map and go to the account's office and around the back.
  • Click on the ladder and it will descend.
  • Pick up the screwdriver at the top of the stairs.
  • Force the right window open with the screwdriver.
  • Enter the building.
  • Look at the paintings on the floor.

    The Osborne's House Revisited

  • Go back to Osborne's house and out into the garden.
  • Click on the padlock.
  • Enter the shed.
  • Pick up the matchbox full of matches on the bottom shelf of the workbench.
  • Look at the box and find a few loose tens in it.
  • Click on the ladder and move it into the dining room.
  • Click on the lantern and light the basement.
  • Look at the pictures.

    Your Office

  • Go back to your office and find the fifth piece of the picture in the mail.
  • Put the picture together.

    The Osborne's House Revisited Again

  • Go back to the Osborne house and upstairs to the safe in the spare bedroom. Open the safe. 19, 54, 31, 96. The combination is found on the back of the completed picture.
  • Find the timetable.

    The Solution

  • Go back to your office and solve the case.
  • David Osborne left in a hurry because the smugglers found out he was keeping some of the loot for himself.
  • Money found in the box under the workbench
  • Pictures found in the basement
  • Pictures found at the office
  • The timetable with DO on it
  • The barrels in the backyard are the same as the ones at the office.

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