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The Adventures of Fatman
The Adventures of Fatman
Developer: Socko Entertainment
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 2003
Article Posted: April 2006


* Try not to use this walkthrough AT ALL! The game is not too difficult and with patience you can probably overcome your stuckness.
* There are no slider or timed puzzles, mazes, cryptology boners; or music, chess, and other headaches that some players dislike. Also there are no protracted dialogs or volumes of text to plough through. As far as I remember, there are absolutely no illogical puzzles (such as combining an elephant with a corkscrew!).
* There is a fair bit of flexibility in performing many actions and exploring various locations, so you do not have to follow the order below. But as in most Quest/Adventure games, there are some actions you must perform &/or locations you must visit before you can progress to others.
* Below are only the VITAL actions you need to do to finish the game with the full point score. You can however finish the game with somewhat less than the maximum possible points. Most discussions and non-essential actions, many humorous &/or containing clues for progress, are not included here (and yield no points!) … but I would recommend performing as many as possible so as to enjoy the game to the full, and progress without assistance.
* Using the main game menu, you can adjust Fatman’s walk speed and the general game speed … and also volume and speech controls.
* In this game you CAN get ‘killed’ … and rather frequently … see below!
* Your Fatmobile is your rapid transportation system between different locations. All you have to do is to enter it (generally by simply walking off screen) and talk to your built-in Fat Computer. You then choose one of the displayed locations … and you’re whisked there in a second.
* EASY & HARD modes :- In comparing the two modes, there are no differences between the gameplay &/or any of the puzzles … and hence there is only one walkthrough! There are however two differences :-
{A} Whenever you are ‘killed’, if you’re playing in “easy” mode you’re given the choice of either quitting the game, or of bringing up a previous Save (RELOAD), or of returning to the last fatal point (RETRY),
In the “hard” mode, you CAN NOT operate RETRY!
In any case, it’s worth while saving frequently . However there are only 6 save-slots, but if you want/need to you can “Zip” batches of 6 files each for storage and observation or investigation later on … each Zip only occupies between about 100 to 200 KB. All saves and loads are expedited almost instantaneously!
This walkthrough does not list particular points where you are recommended to Save. However there are some places where there are obvious indications of ‘danger’ and you are certainly advised to save before all of them.
{B} The puzzles are identical (and generally not particularly difficult) in both modes. However, in a few of the rather more obscure situations, in the “easy” mode only, if you fail more than a few times you are given a mild hint to avoid frustration. These hints are absent in the “hard” mode.



[001] Open the bottom drawer. Look inside. Take the wallet.
[002] Open the left hand cabinet. Look inside. Take the Swiss army knife.
[003] Open the right hand cabinet. Look inside. Take the test tube.
[004] Take the duct tape (behind the black ‘column’ between the 2 books).
[005] Walk to your Fatmobile (off the bottom of your screen).
[006] Open the Fatmobile’s hatch and enter. You may press the buttons there, but at your own risk!
[007] Talk to the built-in Fat Computer inside your Fatmobile, and choose ‘Acne Labs’.

[008] Talk to the policeman but don’t jump the barrier, or you’re likely to get shot.
[009] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Doughnut World’.

[010] Talk to the clerk. Try to get ANY sort of doughnut from him without success. Eventually, you must ask him what he HAS got! He hasn’t got anything, but he does tell you that there may be doughnuts at ‘Quik E Mart’.
[011] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Quik E Mart’.

[012] One dumpster lid is closed … open it.
[013] Rummage around inside the dumpster (despite the garbage and the smell).
[014] Move away slightly from the dumpster and look at the VHS tape.
[015] Take it.
[016] Enter the shop and talk to the owner, Abdul … be amused!
[017] Take a free doughnut.
[018] Read all 3 comic books.
[019] From one of them you obtain a coupon for 2 free MEGA burritos at the Burrito Barn.
[020] You are going to need some cash. Look at your wallet in inventory and open it … empty as usual.
[021] But your ATM card is inside. Take it out of your wallet.
[022] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘The Bank of Shadowlawn’.

[023] Put your ATM card into the slot of the automated teller machine to get some cash. No go! You need to know your pin number.
[024] In inventory, flip your ATM card over.
[025] Read your pin number … {7883}
[026] Repeat [023].
[027] Withdraw the whole balance of your bank account … $0.25 (a ‘quarter’).
[028] Go to your Fatmobile and return to ‘Quik E Mart’.

[029] Put your quarter into the vending machine and get a Shadowlawn newspaper … The Daily Times.
[030] Look at and read the front page with news about the explosion at ‘Acne Labs’.
[031] Flip through the newspaper … to the ‘Want Ads’.
[032] Read through the ads, and especially the one which requests “Help wanted, at ‘La Fattoria’ … pizza shop”.
[033] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[034] Enter the pizza shop.
[035] Talk to Bruno, the owner, and agree to deliver a pizza to 542 West Blvd, Apt C … Itchy Eddie’s place!
[036] But he has to MAKE the pizza first, and they keep dropping from the conveyer belt onto the floor.
[037] Warn him that his pizza’s ready.
[038] If you warn him too late it’s useless.
[039] If you warn him too early he’ll tell you it’s not ready, and that you have to wait for the ‘bell’ to ring
[040] You have to talk to him QUICKLY, *immediately* after the bell has rung. Once you know exactly what to do, it isn’t difficult … but if you can’t manage, access your ‘menu’ and reduce the ‘game speed’ (and reset it afterwards).
[041] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘542 West Blvd, Apt C’

[042] Try to open the doors. You can’t … they’re locked.
[043] Never mind, there’s a buzzer box there.
[044] Try all 3 buttons.
[045] The top 2 buttons are not for Itchy Eddie’s apartment.
[046] So it must be the bottom button … but it’s broken.
[047] You’ll have to mend it. Open the buzzer box … but how?
[048] Open your Swiss army knife.
[049] Apart from being a knife you can get it to be a corkscrew, or a screwdriver, or a pair of scissors.
[050] Use the (Swiss army knife’s) screwdriver on the buzzer box. You get a close-up.
[051] Unscrew the cover of the box, and you can see the circuits inside.
[052] Look at the circuits and wires, and in particular at one wire which is broken. Careful … you may get electrocuted.
[053] Change your Swiss army knife into a pair of scissors.
[054] Use the (Swiss army knife’s) scissors to strip off some of the casing (insulation) from both ends of the broken wire leaving them bare.
[055] Twist the two ends of these wires together ( i.e. ‘interact’ with them).
[056] If you replace the cover now you may get electrocuted. How about insulating the join!
[057] Tear off a strip of your duct tape and wrap up the bare wire ends. Should be safe now.
[058] Replace the box cover.
[059] Press the bottom buzzer. Itchy Eddie replies, comes down to meet Fatman, takes the pizza, gives him $1 tip, remarks that he hopes the pizza is hot, and goes back inside.
[060] After a few seconds he returns and complains that the pizza’s cold. Rat-tat-tat … Fatman’s dead.
[061] So you’ll have to find some way of heating the pizza up … the pizza shop doesn’t seem to be much help.
[062] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Fatcave’.

[063] Don’t enter. Touch the hood of the Fatmobile. Ouch ! That baby runs HOT !
[064] Put your pizza onto the Fatmobile. Look at it … it’s really hot now!
[065] Enter your Fatmobile and again choose ‘542 West Blvd, Apt C’

[066] Repeat
[059] . This time the pizza’s hot so you don’t get filled with lead. You keep your $1 tip.
[067] Time to head back to ‘La Fattoria’ and find out what Bruno wants you to do next. Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[068] He doesn’t want you to do anything. In fact he fires you … and without pay!
[069] If you haven’t already done so, now would be an appropriate time for Fatman to cut himself off a slice of cheese (on the countertop … use the Swiss army knife).
[070] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Quik E Mart’.

[071] Look on top of the display cabinet of drugs, at the left hand wall. The extreme right hand bottle (mauve color) is called “SuperDozeOff” … read what its effects are!
[072] Take the bottle (and pay Abdul your $1 for it!).
[073] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Acne Labs’.

[074] In inventory, sprinkle a lavish dose of “SuperDozeOff” onto your doughnut.
[075] Give the doughnut topped with “SuperDozeOff” pink frosting to the police officer. He falls down in a very deep sleep.
[076] Look at the wires sticking up out of the rubble.
[077] Grab them and you obtain a damaged security camera. Maybe it will cast some light on the explosion?
[078] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Fatcave’.

[079] You can try inserting your VHS tape into your VCR. It doesn’t work … the tape must be broken.
[080] In inventory, use your (Swiss army knife’s) screwdriver on the VHS tape and open it.
[081] In inventory, use the screwdriver on the damaged security camera and open it up. Inside is a video reel which you hope will be useful.
[082] In inventory, put the video reel into the open VHS tape and close the lid.
[083] Put the VHS tape (with the video reel inside) into your VCR.
[084] With (a lot of) help from your Fat Computer, you learn of a truck rented from the offices of a firm called ‘Wrent a’ Wreck’ at the time of the Acne Labs explosion. You also learn the truck’s plate number … write it down (or remember it).
[085] Give your piece of cheese to your hamster, Harvey.
[086] Take him with you “on an adventure”!
[087] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Wrent a’ Wreck’.

[088] On arrival, you see a non interactive sequence which takes place at (the original) Mary Kate Cosmetics Offices.
[089] Enter the ‘Wrent a’ Wreck’ office.
[090] Look at and talk to the secretary/receptionist. That doesn’t seem to get you anywhere at all. (But did you happen to notice her name?).
[091] Use the hamster on her. She goes berserk … a riotous cut scene ensues, culminating in Fatman having the office to himself.
[092] Pick up the ink pen on the secretary’s desk.
[093] In inventory, have a good look at it. ( Note:- It’s worth while doing this before [106] ).
[094] Switch on the computer.
[095] Enter the ‘Username’.
[096] Enter the truck’s ‘License Number’.
[097] The ‘Username’ was indicated (sort of!) in the game just a little while ago. If you missed it, see [089] thro’ [093].
[098] If you didn’t notice it, it’s the first name of the secretary (ignore her illustrious surname !!) … If you didn’t catch it then, see [093].
[099] If you don’t know the truck’s ‘License Number’ … see [084].
[100] If you’re really stuck, the entries (on your keyboard) are :- Robin (Hoggsnobble) and AUCH-74.
[101] Print the data.
[102] Ooops … you get a blank sheet of paper {{ This is not ESSENTIAL. You can avoid getting a blank sheet and neither lose or gain points if you do so! }}
[103] The printer must be out of ink … you’d better fill it, somehow.
[104] Remove the cartridge from the printer.
[105] Use your Swiss army knife’s corkscrew, and bore a small hole in the printer cartridge.
[106] Use your Swiss army knife’s scissors to cut the ink pen in half.
[107] Fill the cartridge with ink from the opened ink pen.
[108] But you can’t use it because ink is dripping out from the hole you drilled.
[109] Use your duct tape to seal up the hole.
[110] Replace the cartridge into the printer.
[111] If you obtained a blank sheet of paper, the printer’s now out of paper … So replace the blank sheet.
[112] Operate the computer again … see [094] thro’ [101].
[113] This time you get a proper printout.
[114] Look at the printout. You get a suspect and an address.
[115] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘7835 South Water St.’.

[116] Press the door button and enter.
[117] Ring the bell for the attendant.
[118] Ask him if a Ted Baker lives there. He replies that he thinks he occupies room 203.
[119] Enter the elevator and press the button for the second floor. Knock on door number 203. There’s no reply. Knock a few more times until Fatman realizes that he’s got the wrong room.
[120] Return down and talk to the attendant again. He said he got mixed up and he meant room 302.
[121] Go up to room 302 and knock on the door. The old man from room 303 tells Fatman that he’s Ted Baker … and makes a lot of other antagonistic remarks as well.
[122] Fatman’s only lead is the photograph on the printout. Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Fatcave’.

[123] Either show your Fat Computer the printout, or simply talk to it/him.
[124] Your Fat Computer scans the printout. The computer can only tell you that the photo is of an ex-criminal called Fred Stankowitz … it has no further information on him.
[125] Fatman is hungry and decides to go to the ‘Burrito Barn’.
[126] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Burrito Barn’.

[127] Enter the ‘Burrito Barn’. Order 2 MEGA burritos … but you have no cash so you won’t get them. Give the cowboy your coupon for 2 freebies, and then you do receive them.
[128] Go to the dispenser and cover both MEGA burritos with hot spicy sauce.
[129] Eat one of the burritos … and you can’t help hearing the result! (Fatman can’t possibly eat the second one!).
[130] Exit the ‘Burrito Barn’ and move along (right) to the bouncer at the punk club … talk to him.
[131] Show the bouncer your printout. Apparently Fred Stankowitz plays guitar in the band called ‘The Skulls’ who are performing at the punk club tonight.
[132] Enter the punk club … you can’t … the bouncer won’t admit you unless you’re dressed like a punk. (Don’t push him; at least not more than once, unless you’re looking for serious trouble!).
[133] Go to your Fatmobile and choose the ‘Big N Tall’ clothes store.

[134] Talk to the bum sitting down dazed … he’s stoned. Ask him if he’s sniffing glue. He doesn’t mind telling you that he is, and offers you some from his box.
[135] Take a tube of glue.
[136] Enter the ‘Big N Tall’ clothes store. You can’t get in because of the enormously fat guy wedged in the doorway.
[137] Talk to him, then give him your last burrito. Instead of being just a fat guy, he becomes a flat(ulence) guy … and …… Whoooosh!
[138] Now you can enter the ‘Big N Tall’ clothes store. Talk to the very tall proprietor who tells you to buy … but you have no money
[139] Look at the credit application forms on the counter.
[140] Take the last one and hand it to the shopkeeper … but you’ve got to fill it in first!
[141] In inventory, use your (leaking) ink pen to fill the credit application form details in.
[142] NOW hand it in to the shopkeeper, who accepts it.
[143] Choose a black T-shirt.
[144] …… and a pair of blue pants.
[145] …… and a pair of white socks with red stripes.
[146] …… and a pair of red and white shoes.
[147] …… and a studded belt.
[148] …… and a red hat.
[149] If you have already performed [152] thro’ [156], then skip straight to [157].
[150] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[151] Put your new clothes outfit onto the phone booth. No good … “Your shirt needs something”!
[152] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Burrito Barn’.

[153] Take the poster of the band (“The Skulls”) from the wall.
[154] In inventory, use your (Swiss army knife’s) scissors and cut out the small skull logo from the poster.
[155] In inventory, squirt some glue from your tube onto the back of your skull logo.
[156] In inventory, apply the sticky skull logo onto your outfit (T-shirt).
[157] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[158] Put your punk clothes outfit onto the phone booth.
[159] You emerge dressed as a punk. You now have got rid of a lot of ‘baggage’. You have only 4 items in your inventory including your Fatman getup (instead of 10), and only 3 locations which you can visit (instead of 11)!
[160] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Burrito Barn’.

[161] Enter the punk club. The bouncer does not interfere now!
[162] Talk to the Aussie with the spiky green hair (Merv).
[163] Look and talk to all the others in the club as much as you can. (Don’t push Knucklebones more than once, unless you want some ‘action’!).
[164] Walk towards the exit and turn right into the video play room.
[165] Play a game of PONG --- Take a dart belonging to the video game player … Nothing doing in either case!
[166] Open the door and enter the bathroom. A cut scene shows the villain outlining his plot to take over the city, to his two henchmen.
[167] Look into the drain. You notice a faint glimmer of something shiny. Look again and you see it’s some game tokens.
[168] Try to take them … but you’re not sticking your hand down into that filthy drain. Note the empty towel rack.
[169] Return to the bar and talk to the barman. Order all sorts of drinks … but he won’t serve Fatman since he has no ID. Eventually tell him you want nothing, and don’t forget to tell him “you’re out of towels in the bathroom”.
[170] The barman goes to replenish the towels, leaving the bar space empty.
[171] Look at the access door to get behind the bar.
[172] Open it, enter, and have a GOOD look around.
[173] Take the bottle of cleaner.
[174] Return to the bathroom.
[175] Pull off a sheet of paper towel
[176] Pour the whole bottle of very strong cleaner down the drain to clean it out.
[177] Grab the game tokens.
[178] Go to the PONG machine (if it’s occupied, leave the room and return as many times as necessary until it’s free.).
[179] Put a token in the PONG machine and start playing. The instructions come up on the screen and are easy and clear.
[180] Whatever you do, you’ll lose and after 10 rounds the game finishes.
[181] Return to the clubroom and talk to Merv again and tell him how PONG sucks, etc.!
[182] You return to the PONG machine to try to beat Merv’s high score of 8.
[183] You still can’t win a single game.
[184] In frustration kick the PONG machine (you’ll do better if you kick it only ONCE!).
[185] You’ve unsettled the machine and can now easily win. Just move your paddle to one side or the other before releasing the ball each time.
[186] As soon as you beat Merv’s high score, the bell rings and he comes rushing in and takes over.
[187] Merv’s back is towards you. Deftly look at his wallet and see that his address is 1217 Lucas Lane.
[188] Exit the punk club … it’s now late; and dark.
[189] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘1217 Lucas Lane’.
[190] Fatman thinks it’s inadvisable to go dressed as a punk.
[191] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[192] So … Put your Fatman outfit onto the phone booth, and emerge in Fatman dress.
[193] Again go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘1217 Lucas Lane’.

1217 LUCAS LANE :-
[194] Enter Merv’s house. You can’t … it’s locked.
[195] There seems to be something under the mat … there’s a bump there.
[196] Take the front door key.
[197] Open the front door and enter.
[198] Take the bottle of chlorine from the cabinet.
[199] Head upstairs.
[200] Open the top drawer.
[201] Look at and then take the flashlight.
[202] Look at the phone … its answering machine has a message.
[203] Listen to the message … it’s for Stankowitz.
[204] Look at the contraption and track the message. It came from the ‘Mary Kate Cosmetics offices’ downtown.
[205] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Mary Kate Cosmetics offices’.

[206] Look at the puddle of green goo … if you touch it you’ll get mutated!
[207] Return to the punk club … but you can’t enter dressed as Fatman!
[208] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[209] Put your punk outfit onto the phone booth.
[210] You emerge dressed as a punk.
[211] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Burrito Barn’.

[212] Go to the bar and talk to the barman. Don’t forget to tell him again “you’re out of towels in the bathroom”.
[213] The barman goes to replenish the towels, leaving the bar space empty.
[214] Again open the access door to get behind the bar.
[215] Enter and have a GOOD look around.
[216] Take the eyedropper..
[217] Go to the games room. The video games player has gone now.
[218] Take his darts.
[219] Exit the punk club.
[220] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Mary Kate Cosmetics offices’.
[221] Fatman has second thoughts about going there dressed as a punk!
[222] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘La Fattoria’.

[223] So … Put your Fatman outfit onto the phone booth.
[224] You emerge dressed as Fatman.
[225] Again go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Mary Kate Cosmetics offices’.

[226] Use your eyedropper to suck up a small sample of the green goo (… if you touch it you’ll get mutated!).
[227] In inventory, transfer the green goo from your eyedropper to your test tube.
[228] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Fatcave’.

[229] Give your test tube to the Fat Computer for analysis.
[230] Diagnosis :- A potent toxic mutagen that turns everybody into a zombie … it has no known antidote!
[231] In inventory, use your (now empty) eyedropper to suck up a small sample of the chlorine.
[232] In inventory, empty the chlorine sample into the green goo in the test tube. It fizzes and turns blue. Seems Fatman has discovered an antidote.
[233] Talk to your Fat Computer. He tells you there’s been an alarm at the City Water Tower. A trace of the camera snippet indicates that it’s Fred Stankowitz.
[234] Go to your Fatmobile and choose ‘Water Tower’.

[235] You may have to be quick here. If you have any troubles, access your ‘menu’ and reduce the ‘game speed’ (and reset it afterwards).
[236] Start to dismantle the bomb. Fatman went to some sort of bomb disposal course but only remembers parts of the instructions. Fortunately he remembers enough. But if you wait too long or make a move out of the correct order ---->>> BOOM !!
[237] To dismantle the bomb before it explodes you must cut each of the 5 colored wires in the correct order. From Fatman’s memory, you must first work out the correct order (not a difficult puzzle). In case it’s difficult to pin point wires, look at the caption near the bottom left of your screen. You must click each wire twice in order to cut it, before moving on to the next.
[238] In case you have trouble with this, the correct order HAS to be … yellow; orange; brown; green; blue.
[239] When you have disarmed the bomb, take a stick of dynamite from it.
[240] Take the digital timer from the disarmed bomb.
[241] Walk off the left edge of the screen. You are at the old City Sewage Plant. The street light is flickering on and off and almost broken.
[242] In inventory, take apart your flashlight. You obtain a hollow plastic tube and a couple of batteries and a bulb.
[243] In inventory, take your 3 darts and douse them with chlorine.
[244] In inventory, load your 3 chlorine soaked darts into your empty battery tube.
[245] Pick up a rock, near to the wire fence.
[246] Lob the rock and smash the street light. It is now dark, and so the 2 mutant guards can’t see to kill you!
[247] Use your blow dart weapon and fire 2 of the 3 darts at the 2 mutants.
[248] To Fatman’s amazement, the 2 mutants melt into a puddle of green goo!
[249] Enter the old City Sewage Plant. You can’t … a heavy steel door bars Fatman’s entrance.
[250] There’s some sort of a digital security panel housed in steel.
[251] You can punch in any combination … but it doesn’t work.
[252] You’ll have to find some other way of getting through that door.
[253] In inventory, attach your stick of dynamite to the digital timer.
[254] Stick it onto the door. But it won’t stick there.
[255] In inventory, stick a strip of your duct tape onto your primed explosive.
[256] Fatman attaches the explosive to the door (and moves away!) --->> B O O M !!
[257] From here on you acquire no more points. Enter the City Sewage Plant.
[258] THE END PLAY is almost completely (but not quite) non-interactive. Your final showdown with Toxicman begins.
[259] After some shenanigans, the villain disappears.
[260] There’s only one way Fatman can follow him … into the elevator!
[261] Look at the panel. The top button is covered with green goo. Press it.
[262] Now for your final (non interactive) showdown, and its aftermath in the Fatcave!
[263] You’ve defeated Toxicman and saved the city of Shadowlawn … Now for some well deserved sleep. … Maybe!

Hope you enjoyed “The Adventures of Fatman” and would appreciate a sequel. :~ ))