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            CALSOON 2       - WALKTHROUGH.

    8th May 2002.               Len  Green.            lengreen@hotmail.com

This walkthrough covers all the necessary steps to finish the game successfully.  There are most probably interesting &/or amusing episodes which have not been included ... but which are not essential.  There are also doubtless some actions which *have* been included but which are not essential for merely completing the game.

Although not formally separated, "Calsoon 2" is divided into two separate halves.  Although quite different, each half is very approximately equal in length and difficulty.  I have inserted a dividing line between the two parts.

The usual instructions for all Quest/Adventure games apply:-  Pick up everything not nailed down; Talk to everybody until the dialog tree is exhausted; You are never 'killed' in this game but occasionally if you make a bad move you are returned to just before you made it;  Save often (there are only 6 save slots, but you can easily save batches of 6 saves and zip them for compactness if you wish); etc., etc.

You may wish to turn up your monitor brightness &/or gamma setting since some interiors are dark.  During the first half of the game you may find it convenient to go to the options panel and set your menu to the bottom of the screen ... otherwise some texts high up on the screen may be difficult to read.  During the second half of the game it is *highly* advisable to go to the options panel and set your menu to the top of the screen ... see {050} for the reasons for this.

Good luck ......... and enjoy Tork's meanderings!  :~))

N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW = directions (on screen).
[I] = From or in  inventory.
[(A)], [(B)], [(C)], etc. = Openings.
//B1//, //B2//, //B3//, //B4// = Four buttons.

{001}    Go E, N, W.  Exhaust all dialogs with Fat Willy.
{002}   Return E, S, E to the old house.
{003}   Get the Pliers, hammer, & shovel [I].
{004}    Go W, W, SW to the deep hole.
{005}   Exhaust the (short) dialog with the keeper of the hole.
{006}   Go SW, S, then at the fork W to the frozen lake.
{007}   Go NW, then at the fork NE to the gigantic tree.
{008}   Pick up the saw [I].
{009}   Return W, SW to the fork, then S to the frozen lake.
{010}   Look at the frozen object, to the E of the rock in the ice.
{011}   Use the saw [I] on the frozen object.
{012}   Later:- Pick up the block of ice [I].
{013}   Return to the old house (SE, E to the fork, NW, NE, E, E).
{014}   Put the pliers [I] into the burning coal.  You get a piece of burning coal (held by the pliers) [I].
{015}   Put the piece of burning coal [I] onto the block of ice [I].  You melt the ice and instead get some silver coins [I].
{016}   Put the coins [I] onto the pliers [I].  You get a silver coin gripped by the pliers [I].
{017}   Put the coin gripped by the pliers [I] into the burning coal.  You get a burnished (golden looking) coin [I].
{018}   Return to the deep hole (W, W, SW) and give the "gold" coin to the keeper of the hole.
{019}   Talk to the keeper of the hole and exhaust all dialogs with him.  He gives you some *essential* info.
{020}   Return to the frozen lake (SW, S to the fork, W).
{021}   Go NW, then at the fork NW to the trailer (house).
{022}   Talk to the military guy and exhaust all dialogs with him.  He gives you some *essential* info and you make a deal with him.
{023}   Go E to the fork, SE, E to the fork, then SE to the treehouse.
{024}   Stinkage is snoring, but amongst his snores he tells you where to go and what to do next.  **Important note**  ..........
(Listen to Stinkage.  He starts off by saying "Mumble... Grumble... zzzzzz".  He then continues moaning but during this he gives you *two* vital hints.  Wait until he repeats his "Mumble... Grumble... zzzzzz".  This may take 2 or even more minutes.)
{025}   Go SE to the graveyard.
{026}   There are 6 graves there.  You can look at (read) the (somewhat humorous?!?) epitaphs on 5 of them.  You *must* read the epitaph on the grave in the SE corner.
{027}    Use your shovel [I] and dig on that same grave.
{028}   Later:- You get a grenade [I].
{029}   Return to the trailer (W, W to the fork, W, NW to the fork, NW).
{030}   Give the grenade [I] to the military guy and receive in return a bomb [I].
{031}   Return to the treehouse ... E (**BOOM!**) to the fork, SE, E to the fork, SE.
{032}   Press the button to open the door of the treehouse elevator.
{033}   Place the bomb [I] in the elevator (to get rid of Stinkage!).  That doesn't work ... you have to light the fuse first.
{034}   Go to the old house (W to the fork, NW, NE, E, E).
{035}   Put the bomb [I] onto the burning coal to light the fuse.
{036}   *Quickly* return to the treehouse ( W, W, SW, S to the fork, SE) and throw the bomb [I] into the elevator (**BOOM!**).  If you don't do this quickly enough, the bomb blows up and you have to repeat stage {36}.  You automatically get out of range.
{037}   Return to the treehouse.  Go to the graveyard (SE) and look at, pick up, and wear the pair of blue 'Looncalsoon' which has been blown onto a tree just outside.
{038}    Go W, W to the fork, NW, NE, E.  There is a sturdy looking stick there that wasn't present before.
{039}    Pick up the stick [I].
{040}    Return W, SW.  There is a rock there that wasn't present before.
{041}    Try moving the rock.  You can't with your bare hands.
{042}    Use the stick [I] to move the rock.  It breaks.
{043}    Use the shovel [I] to move the rock.  It also breaks, but the rock moves a bit.  (N.B. You can do this in the reverse order:-  i.e., the shovel first and then the stick.  The result is identical).  There is something under the rock which you pick up.  It is a crank handle [I].
{044}    Return to Fat Willy (NW, NE, E, N).
{045}    Talk to Fat Willy and choose "I'd like to buy a pulley ride trip".
{046}    **Cut Scene** ..........
Tork gives Willy all his coins [I] and uses the crank handle [I].  He rides the pulley and down the rope, and arrives below at the entrance to the icy caverns.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~  

{047}    Go E into the entrance of the icy caverns.
{048}     **Cut Scene** ..........
Tork walks through some of the icy caverns.
{049}    Pick up the wooden stick.
{050}    Go E.
***Important Note***  If your menu is at the bottom of the screen, you are *strongly* advised to go to the options panel and raise it to the top.  If you don't do this your extended text box will obscure 2 or 3 entrances making it impossible to access (&/or exit) some rooms!
    There are 3 rooms leading off from here.  An opening (entrance/exit) N, [(A)]; An opening E, [(B)]; And an opening S, [(C)].
{051}    Enter [(A)] and proceed E.
{052}    Talk to Skully, the talking skull and exhaust all dialogs.
{053}    Take Skully's mug.  He won't let you have it.
{054}    Talk to him again and exhaust all dialogs.  Keep asking him for his mug and eventually he reluctantly agrees to let you have it.
{055}    Take the mug [I].
{056}    Go W then exit S [(A)].
{057}    Go S and enter [(C)].
{058}    Go E.  Look at the large door.  Try to open it ... you can't with your bare hands!
{059}    Go E.  There is another opening [(D)].
{060}    Pick up the red tool box.  Look at the toolbox in inventory [I] and it 'empties out' a file, a roll of copper wire, and a magnifying glass [I].
{061}    Go W, W.  Look at the unlit torch on the W-wall, and note Tork's comments.
{062}    Interact with the torch.  It rotates from vertical to horizontal, but after a few seconds returns to vertical!
{063}    Repeat {62} and *very quickly* go E.  You can see the large door open.  Try to enter ... but there's no time before it closes ... you're going to have to find another way!
{064}    Repeat {62} and *whilst still horizontal* *look* at the torch and note what Tork says.
{065}    Put your file [I] onto your wooden stick [I] and file it into a small wooden peg [I].
{066}    Repeat {62} and *whilst still horizontal* fix the torch horizontally with your wooden peg [I].
{067}    Go E.  The door which was previously shut is now permanently open [(E)].
{068}    ***The next puzzle is more complex than previous ones.  So instead of simply giving instructions what to do, it will be split into 2 parts.  The first "Part I" ({069} thro' {074}) will be a 'tour' around the locations involved.  That may be sufficient to eliminate stuckness.  If not, the second "Part II" ({075} thro' {083}) will give the full spoiler!***
{069}    **Part I** ........... This part only describes how to get to the various essential locations.  You are advised to look around at each location, but no *actions* are specified.  If you wish to try out your own actions please go ahead ... you can't 'spoil' anything.  If not, you can wait until "Part II".
{070}    Go W, N through [(C)], E through [(B)].  Look around at everything.  ***It might be helpful to save here and keep for later reference.***
{071}    Go W, then N through [(A)].  Climb the ladder.  Look around at everything. Go S through the opening [(F)].  Look around at everything and note the button //B1// (amongst other things!).  Watch out for the demon setters (fierce dogs)!
{072}    Go N through the opening [(F)], down the ladder, go S through the opening [(A)], go S through the opening [(C)], and climb the ladder.  Look around at everything and note the button //B2// (amongst other things!).
{073}    Go down the ladder, go E, then N through the opening [(E)].   Look around at everything and note the button //B3// (amongst other things!).
{074}    Go S through the opening [(E)], go E, go N through the opening [(D)],   Look around at everything and note the button //B4// (amongst other things!).
{075}    **Part II** ........... The 4 rooms containing buttons //B1//,  //B2//,  //B3//, and  //B4//,  are all basically identical ... the only exception being the room containing //B3// which has a hole in the floor which the others haven't got!  In each of them, you can't remain too long at a stretch or the demon setters will expel you ... but you can easily return for additional stints.
{076}    In each of the rooms try looking through the window (the down-arrow gets you out), pressing the appropriate button, then looking through the window again.  Have you seen what mechanism is at work here? ........ the answer to this is as follows!
{077}    Each time you press any button, one of the wooden blocks in the room (whose opening is [(B)]) moves down one position.  You don't have to traipse to that room to see this ... looking through the window near to the button gives you an immediate view of the inside of that room!
{078}    Did you take note of the positions of the 4 blocks of wood *before you caused any of them to move*?  In case you didn't, they were as follows:- numbering the blocks from W (left) to E (right) #1 thro' #4, #2 was in the lowest possible position and #3 in the highest possible position.  Each block can take up 8 positions from the highest through to the lowest (inclusive).  They only move downwards, except after they reach the bottom-most position the next move causes them to jump up to the top-most position.
{079}    Button //B1// operates wooden block #1; button //B2// operates wooden block #2; button //B3// operates wooden block #3; and button //B4// operates wooden block #4.
{080}    The object of the exercise is to enable Tork to cross the bottomless pit and enter the room (at the NE corner of the screen).  There could be several ways of doing this, but only one is acceptable to the game! :~((
{081}    Block #4 was in its 'correct' position before you started,  i.e. with the top edge of that block level with the bottom edge of the platform at the NE corner.  So if you haven't previously moved it, you shouldn't alter its position now.  Each of the other blocks must be *one step only* below, forming a staircase downwards, i.e.  #3 must be 1 step below #4;  #2 must be 1 step below #3;  and #1 must be 1 step below #2.
{082}    Go to the 3 appropriate rooms and press buttons //B3//, //B2//, and //B1//, each its appropriate number of times.  You  can check with each corresponding window that you've got it right ... but don't take too long or the demon setters will interfere!
{083}    From wherever you are, go to the opening [(B)] and enter.  If you've arranged the wooden blocks correctly, Tork will tell you so!!  Jump onto the staircase you have arranged and Tork will hop up to the top.  Go N through the opening [(G)] and enter into another room.
{084}    Look at and activate the panel ... nothing doing ... maybe dangerous?!
{085}    Pick up the book in a foreign language [I].
{086}    Fill up your empty mug [I] with water from the pool, and you get a mug full of water [I].
{087}    Go S through the opening [(G)], jump down the stairs, go W, go N through the opening [(A)], go E to Skully.
{088}    Give the book [I] to Skully in order to translate from the French.  He can't proceed ... the print is too small and he needs glasses (spectacles).
{089}    Use your hammer [I] to smash the magnifying glass [I], and you get a few pieces of glass [I].
{090}    Use your file [I] to smooth the shards of glass [I], and you get a pair of lenses [I].
{091}    Use the pair of lenses [I] on the roll of copper wire [I], and you've created a pair of glasses [I].
{092}    Give the pair of glasses [I] to Skully.
{093}    Talk to Skully and get him to translate the book.  He informs you of the 3 simple steps to find the portal (and return to earth).
{094}    Go W, go S through the opening [(A)], go E through the opening [(B)], go up the stairs, go through the opening [(G)] to the panel.
{095}    Activate the panel.  You obtain 8 panel pieces.
{096}    This is a simple jig-saw like puzzle.  The center piece is stuck to the panel and cannot move but all the other pieces can.  To move any piece, move the (hand/finger) cursor onto it and click the left mouse button; then move the piece to where you want it to go.  When the piece is in its exact correct position, click the right mouse button to release and fix it there.
{097}    You can assemble a 'picture' ... but one piece appears to be missing.  To exit, click the down-arrow.
{098}    Go S through the opening [(G)], down the stairs, go W, go S through the opening [(C)], go E, go N through the opening [(E)].
{099}    Pour the water from your mug [I] into the hole ... it only fills it half way!
{100}    Retrace your steps (the opposite of {098}) and again fill up your empty mug [I] with water from the pool and again you get a mug full of water [I].
{101}    Retrace your steps again (exactly as in {098}) and again pour the water from your mug [I] into the hole.  This time it fills the hole completely and there's a small stone floating in the water.
{102}    Interact with the hole.  You get a stone with markings on it [I].
{103}    Return again to the room with the panel (the opposite of {098}).  Place the stone [I] onto the panel.
{104}    Interact with the panel.
{105}    This time, similarly to {095}, you obtain panel pieces but this time 9 pieces instead of 8!
{106}    Assemble the 'picture' as described in {096}.  If nothing happens when you've completed the 'picture' it means that you haven't put all the pieces *exactly* into position.  Each panel piece has small jagged edges which must mesh *accurately* with other pieces.  If you are unsure whether you've got the correct 'picture', the next few hints describe how to assemble it.
{107}    Two of the pieces each have *one only* *distinctly* rounded corner.  Those rounded corners have to go into the positions NE and SW.
One only of the pieces has two distinctly rounded corners.  That piece goes to the NW.
One piece includes what looks somewhat like a fairly small man with a black hat holding something in his hands.  This piece goes to the SE.
{108}    Of the remaining pieces, the one with part of a head and two large eyes goes to the N.
The part with a man (a bit larger than the abovementioned man and without any hat) goes to the S.
The part with a fairly large black oval goes to the E.
{109}    Finally, the last moveable piece, which seems like part of some sort of column, goes to the W.
{110}    When you have assembled the picture correctly, Tork will say "Oooooh ...... I think I've triggered something".  If this doesn't happen, it is most likely that *all* of the 8 moveable panel pieces do not fit *exactly* and have to be adjusted slightly.
{111}     **Cut Scene** ..........

Ending and Credits.

Hope you enjoyed the game!  :~))  :~))