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Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Towm with No Name
Delaware St. John Volume 2:
The Town with No Name

The main menu offers a detailed tutorial on all of the game controls including VIC which is used to communicate with Kelly. Play the tutorial first before starting the game.

The main menu can be accessed by pressing the light green square in the center of VIC or by pressing ESC.

Story 1: The Big Story

Main Street

Delaware communicates with Kelly upon arriving at a ghost town thatís not supposed to exist according to maps. Move forward on the main street. (you will hear growling and feel as though you are being followed). Turn left and right and examine the various buildings. You will find they are all locked.

Examine the doors to the movie theatre. The doors are all locked. Examine the ticket booth. A skeleton ghost in a theatre employee uniform will appear and leave a ticket. Take the ticket.

Continue down to the end of the street until you are blocked by an oil tanker. Turn right and examine the dumpster outside the diner. Open the dumpster and take the broken umbrella. Turn left twice and head straight to the alley.

Look up and examine the fire escape. Delaware comments that if the ladder was a bit lower, heíd be able to pull it down. Use the broken umbrella on the fire escape. Climb the fire escape & open the window. Enter the window.

Movie Theatre

Upon entry to the room, take a look around. You are in the office Charles Epps, the theater owner. Turn to the left and examine the desk. Examine the top drawer and read a termination notice of employee "Josh Martin" written by Charles. Examine the clock on the wall. Delaware will comment that the clock has stopped at 1:15. Try to leave the room and see the ghost of Charles Epps ranting and raving about kids being rotten these days. Kelly will immediately contact you through VIC.

After speaking to Kelly, leave the room. The door immediately across is locked. Turn left and proceed around the corner. Try to enter the next door on the right. The door is also locked. When you look back, the door will be open. Try to enter the door again and it will slam in your face. You will hear the voice of Charles Epps again ranting at an employee.

Turn around and go back toward the first room you came out of. Go to the last door on the right. Enter the staircase. Turn left and try to open the white service room door. Itís locked. You will hear crying.

Turn right, go forward and Kelly will interrupt and tell you the history of the town. You learn of Epps family (a preacher, his wife and children, Helena & Charles) who founded the location as a commune and how it was taken over by another group. Youíll also hear from Simon about the metaphysical reasons that the town does not show up on any map.

Head to the right and you will be in the concession area. Turn right and see cut-scene between the ghosts of two teenagers planning to meet for a date later. Examine the refrigerator. See the note left for Josh by Barbara about how to open the cash register. Another note is below this with the following: C-1, K-B, K-D, C-1

Examine the cash register. There is a crank lever on the side of the cash register and 3 key switches marked with A, B & D. Refer back to the note on the refrigerator. C stands for Crank, K stands for Key. To open the cash register, follow this order: Crank, B Key, D Key & Crank again. The cash register will open revealing a key to the service room. Take the key. Turn the opposite direction. Examine the clock --stopped at 1:15 also.

Turn left and go straight once. Go to the white utility door. Use the key from the cash register to open the door. Enter the utility room. Hear a noise of someone banging 3 times. Go forward and see 2 lockers. Open the locker on the right. Itís empty. Exit out and the ghost of Jenny will appear. You have the option of 2 different questions. Different combinations will not affect game play. You will basically get the same result. Open the locker on the left. Take the rubber glove. Exit the room.

Proceed straight ahead to the staircase which leads to the balcony. At the top of the stairs will be the menís bathroom. Enter the bathroom and go to the 2nd stall. Open the door and examine the toilet. There is a key in the water, but the water is filthy. Use the rubber glove to retrieve the key. Exit the bathroom and turn left. Go to the next door (womenís bathroom). Use the key you just found to open the door. Examine the sink on the left. Take the Edith Mayís Theater employee ID card. Exit the bathroom and turn left.

Go straight and turn left. Go toward the double doors. You will meet another theater employee who tells you the balcony is off limits.

Head back downstairs and in the direction of the video game at the other end of the room. Proceed to the double doors. The doors are locked. Use the employee badge on the doors. Enter the bottom level of the theater. Charles will appear and announce that the show is to begin. Go to the front of the theater. Turn right and try to open exit door. The door is locked. Try to exit the theater and hear the audience laughing.

You are contacted through VIC by Simon. He tells you the townís name is Winter Haven and also about 2 teens that were reported missing from the town: Josh and Jenny. The teens were last seen by Charles Epps.

Go back to the double doors upstairs. You will speak to the theater employee again and she will allow you into the balcony if you can help her finish a crossword puzzle. Examine the podium to the right of the doors.

1 Across: When you donít want to be recognized: costume - Enter c,s,t,u,m only
2 Down: Unsubstantiated gossip: rumor - enter r,m,r only

Youíre now allowed onto the balcony. Enter the balcony. Turn left. Examine the seat and take the quarter. Go forward and meet the ghost of Sister Helena. She tells you of a great cleansing. You have 2 options for dialogue. Either is fine. Helena tells you of undesirables who took over the town and that they have been dealt with and that you are next. You will hear the growl of the hunter. This is the start of a chase sequence. You must get to Mr. Epps office.

These are the fastest directions: ↑ → ↑    ↓ →

Upon arrival at Mr. Epps office, you will by contacted by Kelly. Kelly tells you that she was receiving the same feedback as when Delaware was being chased by the Hunter at Morrisville Manor (volume 1).

Go back to the theater balcony again. A message will appear on the screen - "Knock, Knock, Knock".

Go back upstairs to Mr. Eppsís office. Go to the other end of the hallway to the storage room. The door is locked. Move your mouse higher on the door and you will get a fist icon. Click with the fist icon 3 times as shown on the movie screen. Enter the room. Go forward once and then left. Josh will appear. Again, pick whichever dialogue choice you like better. Josh will tell you he needs to hear from Jenny.

Go back downstairs to the Utility room where you first met Jenny. Talk to Jenny. Click the record button on "Vic" to record a message for Josh.

Go back upstairs to the room where Josh was located. Delaware will automatically play the taped recording for Josh. Josh asks you to find out where their dead bodies are located in the theater. Turn right 2 times and see Josh leave through an alternate door. Follow him through the door. Examine the desk. Examine all the drawers to find a screwdriver. Exit out and examine the projector. Take the shovel which is to the right of the projector. Go back downstairs. Go to the double doors of the theater downstairs.

Turn right and examine the video game. Use your quarter on the video game. Examine the screen to start the game. You must shoot the animal with the highest point values. If there is multiples of an animal, the animal with the highest total on the screen should be chosen. The correct sequence is: rabbit, deer, deer, rabbit, deer, rabbit, skunk, deer, rabbit, skunk. You win and receive a map of the theater seats with an x marking the spot. Examine the "X".

Turn left and enter the double doors. Go straight until you get to the movie screen. Examine underneath the screen. Examine the wood paneling. Use the screwdriver to open the door. Enter the room and see Charles Epps with the shovel standing over a grave. He will accuse you of trespassing and ask for a movie ticket to prove youíre not. Give him the movie ticket from your inventory. After some rambling, Charles leaves. Go to the grave and use your shovel to dig up the bodies. Examine the bodies. Exit the room and you will be greeted by Josh and Jenny who thank you but tell you to go to the emergency exit. Go to the emergency exit and meet the balcony employee again. She will tell you that she saw the murders that day and that youíre needed elsewhere. Go out the exit and straight through the alley. You will arrive at an Orphanage that you seem to have a memory of.

Story 2: Home of the Damned

Enter through the front doors of the orphanage. The door will slam behind you and you will hear laughter.

Turn left and then go straight. Continue straight to room 104. Enter the room. Turn right and examine the letter on the desk. Take the key which is to the left of the letter. Turn right 2 times and examine the chest of drawers. Open the bottom drawer and examine the journal. Close the drawer and exit. Turn left and meet Sister Helena again. Exit the room and Kelly will contact you. Hear about 4 orphans who turned up missing.

Go forward once, turn left and go forward again. Go to the end of the hallway. Turn left and enter the kitchen.

Turn right 2 times and examine the phone. Pick up the phone and listen. Hang up. Exit and examine the cabinet to the right of the open door. Open the drawer and take the batteries. Exit the kitchen.

Go back out to the main hall. Turn left and go forward twice. Turn right and go up the stairs. Go straight once and turn left. Go straight and turn right. Use the key on the double doors. Enter, go straight and right.

Meet Tommy. He needs help coloring. Turn right once and examine the paper on the table. You need five crayons. Exit and turn left. Examine where Tommy was sitting. Take the green crayon. Exit and turn right twice. Examine the sink. Take the blue crayon. Exit and turn right twice. Examine the easel. Take the yellow crayon. Exit and turn right. Examine bookshelf on left wall. Take the orange crayon. Exit and go straight once. Turn left and examine bookshelf. Take red crayon. Examine the bulletin board. Read the note on how to color. Go back to the drawing. Color the drawing in the following order: Green, blue, red, yellow, orange. Complete the drawing and Tommy will show you a map marked with an X. Exit the room. Go back downstairs.

Go to room 105. The door is locked. Use your fist to break it open. Enter and examine the diary under the bed.

Read the diary of Sister Grace who came to the orphanage to investigate the deaths of four children. Learn of late night visits by a stranger. Also read about Nancy, a little girl who was afraid of the dark.

Exit and proceed to the third floor. Go to room 310. Examine the broken door and take it. Exit the room and go to the 2nd floor. Find the hole in the floor next to room 210. Use the door on the hole. Cross over the door and enter the doorway on the right. Turn right twice and examine the cabinet. Open cabinet and meet Nancy. She needs batteries for her lantern. Use the batteries from inventory on the lantern. As you exit the room, you will hear footsteps above you and a door slam.

Proceed to the 3rd floor. Go forward, left and right. Open the double doors. Enter, go forward and turn left. Examine the books on the table. Meet Tommy again. You will have 2 dialogue choices. Either question is fine. Help Tommy reorganize the books. Childrenís books go on the left. Adult books go on the right. It should look like this:

The Safety Book For Kids Punishment Made Easy
A Kidís Guide to Churning Your Own Butter Inherent Evil, The Novel
Letís Count to 11 Schizophrenia & You
Letís Talk About the Alphabet Get Rich Yesterday
My First Book of Diseases Global Warming, Why Should You Care
  It was the Maid, A Murder Mystery
  Spells, Occult and Rituals

After competing the sorting, examine the Spells, Occult and Rituals book again. Kelly will contact you again.

Discuss the hunter and the destroyer. Learn you need to find a ritual room in the orphanage.

Exit the room. See someone moving around downstairs. Go downstairs to the hallway starting with room 104. Turn right and walk down the hallway. Someone will call out your name. When you turn around, you will see a shadow outside room 102. Enter room 102. Examine the pillow on the bed. Read the letter from Sister Grace to Sister Hazel. Learn that you lived in the orphanage and that you were the intended victim in the cleansing. Take a photo of the letter. Talk to Kelly. There is static and Helena interrupts. You are in danger and need to find the secret room fast. Exit the room and head toward the kitchen. Hear someone cough.

Enter the kitchen and go to the back of the pantry. Meet Kirsty. Ask any of the questions. Learn that Helena caught her smoking and punished her by burning her and killing her with a shovel. The hunter will show up and another chase scene will happen. You will need to follow Kirsty. Follow her to the first room which will be locked. Kristy will then have you follow her to room 311. You will Ashley who knows the location of the secret room. Ashley wants you to retrieve his toy dinosaur from Helenaís room before he will show you.

Go downstairs to room 104. Examine the bed. Take the dinosaur from the side of the bed. Go back to room 311 and give Ashley the dinosaur. He will lead you to the bathroom across from the kitchen. Enter the bathroom and turn left. Examine the boat picture on the wall. Examine the mantle. Examine the spell sheet. Take a photo of the spell sheet. Talk to Kelly and find out that you need to burn the spell right where it is. You will need matches. Who do you know that smokes? Go find Kristy in the pantry of the kitchen. The phone will ring. Pick it up if you want. Talk to Kristy and get the matches from under the bag of flour.

Return to the kitchen and the phone rings. Pick it up and hear Kelly on the line. Hang up and go to the bathroom. Use the matches on the spell sheet. Exit the room and Helena greets you with an axe. Make a run for the door. You will not be able to leave. The hunter, Helena and Charles are blocking your way. The children will appear and use their own chant to get rid of them.

Hear from Kelly and Simon. Hear that the destroyerís main purpose is to get rid of the protector. Is Delaware the protector? Perhaps weíll find out in the next installment. Delaware will ask Kelly to help him find his parents. GAME OVER