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Thy Dungeonman 3:
Behold Thy Graphics
Publisher:Homestar Runner
Genre:Text Adventure
Article Posted:July 2006

Do you like the picture on the right? Want to see it live, on your very own computer, but are having trouble finishing the excellent Dungeon Man 3? Fear no more, for I, the almighty and quite pathetic gnome, will offer you a walkthrough. The bloody walkthrough of DM3...

Before you go on, you might want to actually try playing the game through here or even thinking for yourselves. It really is worth it, and Dungeon Man 3 is quite an easy adventure too. Anyway, on to the solution:

You start in a Dungeon. That's not good. Look around. Use the claws and then take the bone. Use or throw the bone on the wall.

Now try taking that ever-elusive flask. Oops.

Go north, and then north again to enter the monastery. Take the stein and escape by simply going south. Now go south to the crossroad and then west to the forest. See the log? Look inside it and get the money. Now go east and one more time east to the overlooking place (thus, the overlook). Use the money you got to buy some corn. Go back to the monastery and give the corn to the bird.

Go south (crossroad), east (overlook) and east to enter the village. The village has a pub, a tavern and a sandwich shop. Enter the pub, use (fill, actually) the stein to get your beer and learn (pay attention here) the name and the description of a man who hangs out in the tavern. Go to the tavern and talk specifically to the aforementioned man. Pick him out from the other guys shown to you and he'll give you a map. Now go to the sandwich shop. Look around and then knock on the window. Look at the condiment bar. See the blood? Good. Knock again and ask the guy for blood. He'll give you a bottle of ketchup.

Leave town and go the forest (where the log was). Now that you have the map go west. Talk to the hag. Use the ketchup on your head. Look carefully at the scrapbook. Each page of the scrapbook is important. The first shows the hag's holiday place, the second her birthday present and the third the number of small hags. Talk to her and she'll ask you three questions. If you paid attention to the scrapbook, you won’t have trouble answering them and getting a nice flask-grabbing glove.

Now, go all the way east to the crossroad. Go south. Talk to the troll. Use the bird on the troll. Go south, open the dungeon door and enter your beloved dungeon. Use the flask-grabbing glove, and try to grab the flask. Play the (easy) arcade sequence, win and be rewarded.

The end (of this walkthrough, at least)...