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Part 1: Observation Point

Talk to Kate and Baretto. Follow Barettot's instructions to learn how to play the game. Barettot and Kate will simply ask you to look in different directions, jump over a couple of crates, pick up your stun rod, and practice using it on a manequin. When the tutorial is over, walk through the open fence door. Go up the stairs.

There will be a small cutscene when you climb the stairs and reach the clearing. Once the cutscene is over, walk to the door and press the button. Walk through the tunnel to the door at the other end. Open the second door by clicking the button. Once you enter the next room, press the button on the panel as instructed.

After the cutscene, go into the cave. Walk across the catwalk. You will get to an intersection with a machine on the left and stairs leading to the time travel pods on the right. Walk up to the machine and the passcode will be announced. Enter the passcode by clicking on the numbers. It is 579. Press the Load button. Hurry over to your time travel pod. Click on the panel to open it. Enter the pod.

Part 2 - Cliffs of Castelgard

Walk up to Baretto and Kate. Baretto will give you instructions. Follow the path through the cave. You will eventually reach a clearing. The path will continue across the clearing. Follow it down until you run into Decker. After the cutscene, run after Kate and Baretto. Once you reach them another cutscene will follow. Go after Kate and start sliding down the slope.

Try to avoid the rocks. You can gather the apples to recover health if you get hurt. Jump across the bridge and stay to the right when you reach the intersection. Slowly go across the river and enter the cave. You will start sliding again and have to jump across the river. After the slide you will reach Castelgard.

Part 3 - Castelgard Entry

Guards will start running at you. Walk into the barrels scattered around and your character will automatically pick one up. You have to throw the barrels at the guards to stop them as they charge at you. You can wait until the guards are just a few feet away before tossing the barrel. After you knock out a handful of guards, Kate will open the door.

Eat the apples on the table to recover any lost health. Follow Kate down the ladder and click on the door downstairs.

Part 4 - Inside Castelgard

Turn left as you exit the house. Walk until you get to an intersection. Turn left at the intersection and follow the path until you see two guards at the right and two women chatting straight ahead. Walk past the women. You will eventually get to an inn and ate will suggest going by the tournament.

Continue to the left of the inn. You will eventually get to a gated area. The guard will not let you through. You have to go back to the inn and find a tunic.

Before you can get the tunic, you need some money. Retrace your steps back to the inn. You will see a man standing next to a bow and arrows and some targets. Talk to him.

Once you pick up the bow and arrows, you will have to shoot the targets. Simply click and hold the left mouse button and point the tip of your arrow to your selected target. Release the button to shoot the arrow. There is ample time to shoot all the targets. When you successfully complete the challenge, talk to the villager in front of the inn. He will let you inside.

Part 5 - Inn at Castelgard

Inside the inn, follow the corridor and open the door. Go straight through the room where the knights are practicing. You will get to a corridor. Turn right and enter the room. Pick up the sword on the shelf.

Turn around and go down the corridor. You will get to a room with a single knight standing on the far side. Walk up to him and he will teach you how to use the sword. After you learn how to use the sword, go through the room. Walk past the sheets hanging from the wall and turn left at the fireplace. You will eventually arive back at the center room. But now you are opposite side and close to the stairs. Go up the stairs on your left.

On the second floor, open the first door to the right. Go through the room and walk out the window to the ledge. There are two more open windows to your left. Walk along the ledge to the second window and enter the room. Take the tunic on the wall.

As soon as you get the tunic, turn around and go back onto the ledge. Go back to the room you ahd originally entered on the second floor. Run down the stairs. Cutscene will follow.

Part 6- Tournament at Castelgard

Get on your horse. It is time for jausting!

Clicking on the left mouse button will start the jaust. The goal is to knock your opponent off his horse. Adjust your lance by moving the mouse button. Try to aim at the center of your opponent's breast plate. It might help to adjust your lance as much as possible before even starting to charge at your opponent. Win the tournament by besting 3 opponents to proceed.

Part 7 - Castle Courtyard

Run through before the gate closes. A guard will take away your sword. Turn right and go up to the pulley. Click on the lever on the side of the machine. A platform will be raised up to the balcony behind you.

Now turn around and head inside the main building through the open door. Walk up close behind the guard and attack him with your rod. You can take the bread in front of the guard to recover health.

Once the guard is knocked down, go up the stairs. Open the door to your right. Click on the lever next to the door once you enter the new room. A drawbridge will be lowered. Go across and around the castle wall. You will eventually get to the room with the balcony and the raised platform. Jump on the platform and you will be carried across to the other side. Follow the path and open the door at the end.

Part 8 - Castle Apartments

Go down the corridor and look through the opening on the door. When the guards are facing away from you, open the door. As soon as you step outside, turn left and jump to the ledge. Walk across to the other side. Turn right and sneak in the door without getting caught by the guards. You can watch the guards going back and forth from the ledge. They should not notice you unless you step directly in front of them.

Go down the corridor. There is a small opening to the left where you can find an apple and bread to recover health. Hide in this small area while the guards talk. Then continue along the path. You can follow the two guards until you see a door at the end of the corridor. Hide behind the desk along the left wall. You will not be seen and a cutscene will follow.

Go down the path Oliver and the Professor take in the cutscene. Use your stun rod to knock out the guard. Continue down the corridor. DO NOT approach the four guards at one of the doors. Instead, continue in the other direction until you get to a corridor with tapestries on the walls and a boar's head nailed to the wall at the end.

The second tapestry on the left is hiding a secret passage. Go behind the rug and walk into the passage. Listen to Sir Guy and Lord Oliver. Meet Kate at the end of the passage.

Part 9 - Castelgard Under Siege: Ride out

You can direct your horse with the mouse. The goal is to find your way out of the castle. The signs, fires, pople, and other obstacles along the path will cause you to lose health, so try to avoid them. Finding the exit should be fairly easy. Even if you pick the incorrect path at an intersection, you will eventually circle back to the same intersection so you can try again.

You can follow these directions at each intersection to get out:

Go straight at the first intersection. Turn right. You'll get to a banner set on fire. Stay straight on the path and you will eventually get to a group of soldiers shooting arrows at each other. Ride through these soldiers.

Follow the path until you see a group of soldiers in a sword fight. Turn right at this intersection. You will get to an area where parts of buildings will be falling off to the street. Jump over these obstacles and continue down the path. After dodging some more objects, you'll see Kate in the distance. Ride up to her.

Part 10 - Outside the Mill

Dive in the water and swim up to the mill.

Part 11 - Fortified Mill

Jump across the gears in the room. You have to get to the ladder. Jump on the ladder and climb up. Pick up one of the swords. Go into the next room and down the ladder. You can sneak upon the guards and stun them with your rod. If that does not work, you can also fight them using your sword. Kate should join the fight and help you out. Once the guards are down, go up the stairs an into a second gear room.

Drop down on the side of the first gear. Then move to the next gear on the right. From the second gear, jump ahead across the room to the other side. Knock out the guard using your rod.

Enter the next room and walk up to the door. Kate should lead you down a different path to the support structure under the bridge. Walk on the wooden planks and jump across to the other side. Open the door and climb the stairs.

Part 12 - Foundary at the Mill

Go up the stairs and enter the room. Pick up the bow. Jump on the conveyyor belt. Crouch down to avoid the hammers. Climb the ladder at the end of the belt. There will be a guard on the wooden platform. Take him down with a couple of arrows. Go down the ladder on the other side of the platform. Get on the second conveyor belt. Once again, crouch to avoid the hammers. Jump off the belt when you reach the end.

Go straight, crouching to avoid the gears. Turn left as soon as you go up the steps. You should see buckets going up.

Jump on one of the buckets to reach the next level. Take the extra arrows and jump on the conveyor belt. Shoot the soldiers attacking you. You can try shooting an arrow before jumping on the conveyor belt to draw the soldiers closer. This might allow you to shoot at the soldiers while you are covered by the side of the balcony.

Once the soldiers are down, go across the room and meet Kate. Open the door. In the next room, open the door to the left to find the master. Click on the mirror to find the key. Now, click on the door to the right to leave the foundary.

Part 13 - Return to Present

Step in the 5 button and jump. repeat on the 7 and 9 buttons. Now step on the Unload button and jump. Finally, jump on the Load button. When it arrives, jumo on the canister and ride it to the pods.

The canister will stop for a second and then lift up. When it is raised, jump off the canister. Walk into the open pod to the left.

Part 14 - Green Chapel

Go around the chapel. Climb on the tree and walk across it. It will be tipped to the opposite side. Jump off and talk to Kate. Now get back on the tree. Run across and jump to the ledge on the right. Your best bet is to run until the very edge of the tree and jump directly across. Do not try to shoot for the window.

Once you do get on the ledge on the side of the mountain, turn around and face the window. Now you can easily do a running jump and reach the window.

When you enter the chamber, climb the steps and pull the lever. This will awaken the knight. Just ignore him, you do not have to fight. Instead, go down and get on the path where the giant wheel is turning. You'll notice steps with red corsses on the path. Stand on top of these steps as the wheel rolls over you. Once you do this on each of the three steps, a secret passage will open. Enter the passage.

Part 15 - Secret Passage: Underground River

Hop on the boat. This is just like horse-riding ssequence. Steer with the mouse. Press forward to go faster. Avoid obstacles.

Go left at the intersection. Ypu'll get to an area where Kate will warn you about a waterfall. Turn right as she instructs.

Part 16 - Underground River to La Roque

This is the second part of the river. Same rules apply.

Go right at the intersection. Go down the center on the three-way fork.

Follow the river. After a steep decline, you'll get to jump across a chasm. Just make sure you are facing the direction where the river continues on the other side. You will eventually see a dock. Take the board towards it, avoiding the sinkhole.

Follow the passage. Light the cangle by clicking on it. Click on the button on the wall where the statue's shadow is pointing. The door will be unlocked.

Part 17 - La Roque Dungeon

Open the door. Go down the ladder to the right. After the cutscene, drop down and take out the guard with two arrows. Click on Kate's chains to free her. You have a limited amount of time to save the Professor so hurry! Go up the ladder on the far back side of the ground level. Follow the corridor to a second ladder. Duck under the rubble and climb the steps. Pick up the crank at the end of the path.

Go all the way back to Kate and the Professor. Click on the machine to stop the cage. Click on the crank to pull up the Professor. Click on the Professor's cage. Kate will pick the lock. Take out the soldier that rushes in.

Go back up the two ladders and all the way to where you got the crank. To the left of the area where you got the crank, there is a place where you can safely drop down one floor. Once you drop down, jump across to the left side. walk down the passage to the next opening. This time, jump across to the ledge on your right.

You should end up right in front of a ladder. Climb the ladder and get ready to fight Sir Guy.

This is supposed to be a boss fight, but Sir Guy is very easy to defeat. You should be able to take him out with just a handful of successful hits. When the fight is over, open the door Sir Guy was guarding. Go up the stairs.

Part 18 - La Roque Under Siege

Go through the door. Dodge the fire in the courtyard and go through the double doors. It's time to fight Lord Oliver. He takes a mere three arrows to defeat. Just run away from him and shoot.

Once Oliver is down, go up the wooden plank. When you reach the rafters, all you have to do is to avoid the flames and get to the other side. You can crouch to go across at a slower pace and balance better. When you cross the rafters, go out the window.

Jump across to the wall. Run into the next room and go up the stairs to the right.

Now you get to fight Decker. Use the same dodging and shooting strategy and you should be able to take him out easily. He can be defeated with just a few arrows.

After the fight, lower the drawbridge by clicking on the lever three times. Go across, turn left and run up the stairs. Get into your pod and the game is over!

Congratulations! You can now sit back and enjoy the horribly short ending.