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Rhem 2
Rhem 2
Developer:Knut Mueller
Publisher:Got Game Entertainment
Release Date:November 2005
Screenshots:Rhem 2 Screenshots
System Requirements

Rhem 2 is a first person point and click adventure game by Knut Muller and published by Got Game Entertainment. The game comes on 2 CDs for both PC and MAC. It is very stable and uses QuickTime. I experienced no crashes or glitches while playing the game.


The game begins with a short video clip of Zetais giving you the first part of the key and sending you on your way. The goal is to find the other two parts of the key so that you can access the lower levels of the cave system. Then you must search the lower levels for an artifact. Once you find the artifact you need to photograph it for Kales. That is the sum of the plot. Aside from a few information-only videos of Kales and Zetais there is no character interaction or dialog. The only other character in the game is a mysterious lady in red that you glimpse on occasion.


The strength and glory of this game is the puzzles. The goal of the game is to work your way through the wide variety of puzzles, some easy and some very difficult. All the puzzles are logical, if you found the clues. While you do pick up a few things into your inventory, it is obvious where they are supposed to be used. There are algebra problems, temperature conversions and mirror images of wiring diagrams to puzzle your way through. Additionally there is a maze, but there are no slider, timed, or sound puzzles, although sounds often give you a clue that something happened. You will need to take notes, lots and lots of notes.


Rhem 2 is located in a series of caverns, so the atmosphere is a bit dark, but there is quite of bit of color added in the way of pipes, rust, metal, etc to make for a nice variety. The graphics are quite acceptable especially given the modest system requirements. Rhem 2 should require few people to upgrade their computers to play the game.

Game Play:

Rhem 2 is purely point and click. There are 10 slots for saving games which can be overwritten if needed. The game can be saved at any time. The “I” key will get you the inventory and the Esc key will put you in the main menu. The game is fairly non-linear. You cannot die or become irreversibly stuck. There is a compass to help you keep orientated, however this can be confusing because when the right arrow is lit you are looking west and when the left arrow is lit you are looking east. It is just the opposite of the way a map is read.


If you love puzzles Rhem 2 is the game for you. If you want lots of character interaction, dialog and changes of scenery then it may not be a game you will enjoy.

PC System Requirements:
Windows® XP/2000/ME/98
500 MHz or greater processor
100 MB or more of hard drive space
Video card with 32-bit color & 800X600 resolution support
Sound card
12X CD-ROM drive
QuickTime 6 for Windows