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Join Our Team
Adventure Lantern is looking for new staff members. In order to bring our readers more content each month, we are looking for reviewers to join our team. We need the help of additional staff members to strengthen our archives with reviews and walkthroughs. Contributors are welcome to cover newer games as well as older titles. We do not impose restrictions on gaming platforms or genres. Anyone with good writing skills and a passion for gaming is welcome to join our staff.

In joining the Adventure Lantern staff, you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. Our existing team has reviewers from a number of different regions of the world. With distinct backgrounds and gaming interests, the Adventure Lantern staff strives to bring you extensive gaming information with each issue of our magazine.

If you are interested in joining the Adventure Lantern team, please contact the site owner at Ugur@AdventureLantern.com. In your e-mail, please tell us why you would like join the Adventure Lantern staff and what kinds of games you would be willing to cover. We also ask that you provide at least a small sample of your writing. While we prefer that you submit a sample game review, articles on other topics are also welcome as part of your application. We will not post any articles submitted with your application on Adventure Lantern without your explicit permission.